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The most common errors in the gym part two

Following on from part one last week I am going to introduce to you some smaller but equally common failings in the gym.

If you are a regular gym member have a look to see if you are guilty of these common errors. I can certainly testify to making every single one of these myself in years gone by and hence am desperate to educate everyone about how they too can double, triple or quadruple the results they get from the gym.

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If you find these common mistakes are ones that you are making I would ask you to consider my lifestyle course, where I can teach you exactly how to get the results you deserve. A further five common errors I see (and made myself):

6) Spending too long on sit up type exercises.

Yes we want to lose that fat on our stomach, but no, you cannot do a hundred sit ups and watch it disappear. To lose fat you must eat right for your metabolic type, perform all four areas of exercise and put in place other key aspects. Each of these is covered in my courses, hence they are so successful. I apologize about breaking the news to you, but another set on that abdominal machine will simply waste your time with little benefits on actually losing weight.

7) Not doing free weights.

The benefits of free weights are unrivalled. They can help you increase bone density, co-ordination, strength, tone and many health issues. These benefits come from the free weights and not from resistance machines. This is why many people do not maximize the effect the gym can have on their life. Everyone on my courses develops the confidence to do free weights and harness the amazing benefits these exercises provide.

8) Not engaging the core during exercises.

Free weight exercises challenge the core muscles amongst others. This is why they are so beneficial. It is vital however that you actively contract these muscles during the exercises. This will greatly increase the safety of each exercise and also the effectiveness.

9) Not warming up correctly

One of the first exercise issues I teach all my clients is the power of active stretching. This tool in itself can often completely clear up muscle and joint pain. The traditional warm up of going a little easier for 5 minutes or doing a static stretch is outdated and less effective than doing a full active stretching routine. An active stretch is a movement where you take your body part to the point of comfortable stretch. Each repetition you will see further progress in flexibility. At the end of the movements you will be warmed up and loose for exercise.

10) Not training your legs

The amount of people who I meet who do not train their legs is staggering. If you want to be healthy your legs and core are the foundation of all movement. To increase muscle size or lose weight your need to alter the hormonal environment inside to get the results you want on the outside. It is total body, leg based exercises, e.g. squats, lunges etc that produces the results. People complain they are too hard, I would draw you back to point five in Part one to counteract this.

If you are a making these mistakes I would urge you to stand up and make a change. It is such a waste to see people trying hard to exercise and get results, yet fail because they did not receive adequate coaching and motivation.

My results course will teach you all the exercise knowledge to get results and includes a lifelong result producing nutrition system which I guarantee will get you looking and feeling great.


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