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The most common errors in the gym

The gym is the place where you can attain every fitness goal you desire. It certainly is not the only way to achieve the benefits of exercise but is certainly the perfect place to do it.

If you are a regular gym member have a look to see if you are guilty of these common errors. I can certainly testify to making every single one of these myself in years gone by and hence, am desperate to educate everyone about how too they can double, triple or quadruple the results they get from the gym.

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If you find these are the common mistakes that you are making then think about my lifestyle course where I can teach you exactly how to get the results you deserve. The five most common errors I see (and made myself):

1) Not making improvements.

Sounds simple but the majority of gym user have not made any improvements in the last 1,2,3 4 months plus. If you do level 8 on the cross trainer today, and were doing that 3 months ago you have broken the first rule of exercise and not changed your training programme. Lifting the same weight as two months ago is another sign you have hit an exercise plateau. This totally undermines your exercise and goals. You have to change your exercise programme regularly. Change it next time you are in the gym, If you do level 8 do level 10, or usually 15 reps a set then increase the weight and do just 10. You must force the body to respond.

2) Not doing the four key areas of exercise.

In general many women do just cardio and most guys just weights. You will not achieve your goals until you get a perfect balance of aerobic, resistance, core and flexibility training. Once these are all in place it is about how you do each of these methods. It is also seen that different people require different amounts of each exercise type. For example, some people would be better served spending longer on the weights than the cardio while other people the reverse.

3) Thinking a gym session has to be a certain length of time

The reality of the issue is that as long as you do all four exercise areas in the right way you do not need to commit massive amounts of time. Too many people think they must hit their 20 minutes on the bike or the session has been a failure. Anything is better than nothing and a short bout even if just 10 minutes is better than getting out of the routine and disappearing for months on end.

4) Going too easy.

There is a certain intensity that you must reach to achieve your goals and training benefits. The key is to hit this intensity, which is unique to each person, while sticking to the principles of programme design. A sign of going too low is reading a book on the cardio machines. If this is you it would be wise to examine your training methods. Weights wise women are more likely to be guilty of lifting lighter than optimal weights as they worry about putting on bulk. A misplaced concern that just cannot happen. If you do 15 reps but could have done 20-30 reps you will be making little progress. Next time your are in the gym do not just stop at your goal number, stop when you cannot do anymore and lose your good lifting technique.

5) Going too hard

Where women are more likely to go too light the guys are more likely to go too heavy. If you can’t keep perfect technique for the desired reps your weight is too heavy. Cardio wise you do not need to be at deaths door to be attaining the benefits of the training. A common mistake would be to go 19 minutes at a comfortable pace before turning into a maniac for the last minute and nearly killing yourself. On completion that mad final spurt did not help the fitness too much and leave a nasty memory of how painful the gym can be.

If you are a making these mistakes I would urge you to chat with me and/or consider my lifestyle course. This course will teach you all the exercise knowledge to get results and includes a lifelong result producing nutrition system which I guarantee will get you looking and feeling great.


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