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Food Quality

The issue of food and its quality is becoming more and more of an issue as our food chain is becoming more contaminated and is containing less nutrients. Through consuming foods of a high quality the body is getting more of the nutrients that it needs with less toxins. This influences body fat levels as well as general levels of health because they are both affected by toxicity within the body and also the amount of nutrients that you absorb. There are many issues surrounding the quality of foods, the main ones are:

Organic food -

The issue of going organic has very much been in the public attention. The idea behind organic farming is to produce food that is free from chemicals, contaminants and pesticides. Modern agriculture has focused on producing bigger and more frequent crops at the expense of quality. The result is many chemical contaminants and fewer nutrients within your foods.

The area of organics has been clouded from reports of organic food being the same as non-organic and from companies labeling non organic foods as being organic. Consumers should be wary of being scared off by such stories yet at the same time keep aware of the general issues surrounding organic food.

It is also important to remember that organic refers to how the product is made and not what type of product it is. For example, if you are sensitive to wheat, dairy etc then organic versions of these foods will still cause a negative effect on your body. This is because they are still made of the same foods that irritate your body. Simply with more nutrients and less toxins.

Fresh food -

It is imperative that you get as much fresh food into your diet as possible. Local produce is the best way to get your vegetables and fruit. When buying locally you are getting food that has just been picked. This can be compared to supermarket foods where often the fruit or veg can take 10 days or more to be shipped in from abroad. The longer it takes for the food from the ground or a tree to get to you the fewer nutrients it will contain.

Raw food -

The process of cooking and heating a food destroys the vast majority of good bacteria and enzymatic life it has inside it. This is detrimental to the body which thrives off such bacterial and enzyme sources. To ensure you are absorbing the necessary microscopic organisms try to eat a large proportion of your diet from raw sources (around 50%). This can be achieved by using juices and shakes in a mixer to extract the nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables. To this you can add in raw dairy products and eggs. Try also to cook your meet rare rather than well done.

Many people struggle with raw foods, especially vegetables, because they find them hard to digest. If this is the case then look to improve gut function. When the digestive system has been improved you should be able to tolerate raw foods.

Food preparation

The way you cook your foods can have a positive effect on maintaining the nutrient levels within them or even elevating them. These techniques includes using bone broths, sprouting legumes, steaming vegetables, cooking meats minimally etc. The cooking method used can help greatly with the quality and the food that is on your plate.



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