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The Law of attraction

The law of attraction, which was brought into the mainstream through the film 'The Secret' promotes the idea that “You will attract into your life the things associated with your consistent thoughts”

How does it work?

It is based on the idea that your thoughts determine action and how you act draws different things into your life. These can be positive or negative but they are always inline with your dominant thoughts. It can be likened to how some people always seem to be lucky and have good things happen to them while others are the opposite and nothing but a story of hard luck with everything going wrong for them.

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The law of attraction is concerned with how you can change your thinking and mood to be in a state to attract good things into your life. Through thinking and acting a certain way you raise the vibrations and qualities of your thoughts. This can then be used to attract into your life the goals you desire.

The law of attraction and your goals.

To achieve your goals you need to feel and experience right now the way you will feel when you achieve your goal.

Through consistently experiencing this emotion, you will begin to attract into your life the very things that you desire and before long using the law of attraction you will have achieved your goals.

How can I feel this way if I do not have it?

It may seem hard to feel like you have achieved your goals when you have not. However there are certain things you can do today which replicates how you would feel when you have succeeded.

Achieving your goals is not really about the physical results e.g. being a certain weight, having X amount of money. It is instead about the feeling that comes with achieving these goals. Confidence, comfort, security, pride etc.

The key is to identify which feelings you are seeking to experience by achieving your goals and then look at what activities today can you do which replicate similar emotions. For example if the reason you want to achieve your goal weight is to be happy then do activities today that make you feel happy with yourself, e.g. maybe doing a dance class, gardening, painting, helping someone etc.

You can also use visualization techniques to imagine and experience the feelings of being successful. The more clear and real the feelings the more effective it will be.

Blocks to the law of attraction

As great and powerful as your positive thoughts are any underlying subconscious thought patterns can instantly act as a block to the law of attraction and achieving your goals. To ensure these are not inhibiting your efforts pay plenty of time to EFT.

Using the law of attraction in daily life

There are certain things you can do in daily life that can raise you mood and activate the law of attraction.

Pay a compliment - One of the simplest things you can ever do, next time you are out and you notice something on someone you think is good just tell them “your hair looks nice, you are looking slim etc”. Notice how you feel better. Do not lie about the complement as they will resent it and it will have the opposite effect in your mind.

Help someone - Doing something as simple as helping someone carry their bags etc will give you and them a great feeling. This will all attract into your life better things as you raise your vibrations.

Relax, Laugh and be happy - In a world of doom and gloom it is easy to get fixated on the negative. How about just relaxing, not talking about anything with a negative aspect to it and enjoying yourself. Talk about something that is good rather than what is wrong or bad.

Law of attraction exercise - Gratitude Walk / Journal

This is perhaps the most powerful mental exercise you can do and it is impossible to not feel great afterwards. Go for a walk and for the whole of the ten minutes or so, say out loud reasons you are grateful and thankful to the world. Do not lie, instead think of a smaller aspect if stuck, e.g. “I am thankful for my pet dog Billy, for the blue sky, for my mum’s help (only say this if you mean it), etc” Alternatively write this down each day in a journal.

This is one of the most powerful exercises you can do and should be done daily to activate the law of attraction and achieve your goals. This can be done on a walk, while doing your morning stretches, when driving etc Find time for this!

This technique is one of many used to ensure the mid set is tuned for success and you can achieve your health and fitness goal. Read about how nutrition and exercise are combined with mental strategies in my highly rated on line course.



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