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Metabolic typing report

Download a copy of my own metabolic typing report I took last year.

Click here to download an example Metabolic typing report

To get this report it is necessary to answer a 150 questions which reveal how the body is functioning at the moment. e.g. Describe your hunger at breakfast? Weak, average, strong, HOw does red meat affect your energy, increases, no difference, decreases and so on. THe 150 questions are analyzed by computer using the previous research to give the metabolic typing report.

The report reveals:

  • How the autonomic nervous system is balanced at rest.
  • The state of the oxidation system within the body   

These two factors combine to determine exactly what foods and nutrients your should be eating. These are set out in the accompanying metabolic typing nutrition plan that comes with the report.

  • The analysis and report shows what endocrine gland is most dominant within the body and how this relates to fat storage.
  • Which supplements will help increase your health.
  • Special considerations based upon the answers you gave during the analysis.

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