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Psychological reversal

Almost everyone finds that they struggle to achieve the success they desire in one or more aspects of their life. To some this could be losing weight, others it is getting over a health issue while many struggle from difficulties in relationships, work, sport or one of many other possibilities.

Life is filled with challenges and difficulties. We each face our own issues that must be resolved to achieve the goals and lifestyle we desire. The big question to ask yourself is why can I not succeed in a certain area of my life?

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I have seen many people over the years who are very successful in every area of their life but losing weight, others who have all they want in except the job they desire. In sports I see athletes who are better in training than competition while many people suffer a health issue for a longer time than could be expected.

Psychological reversal (PR) is a phenomenon at the core of emotional freedom technique and energy psychology. It represents a block to EFT working and a block to being successful on that particular issue. Psychological reversal (PR) occurs when there is a severe disruption of the electricity field associated with your thoughts on a certain issue.

This phenomenon can occur on any issue and it seems to be a natural part of our psyche. It can be estimated that it is present in almost every case where you have prolonged difficulty in achieving a goal.

When you are psychologically reversed on an issue you will find it almost impossible to achieve that goal. This failure will occur despite your best conscious efforts because it is at a subconscious level and has its base in a severely disturbed electricity field when you think of this particular issue.

What goals do you have difficulty achieving?

Ask yourself what goals in life do I really struggle achieving? If you have been trying to lose weight for many years you are almost definitely reversed on this issue. If you continually fail to achieve the goal you desire in work then look for PR too. Extend this to all areas of your life where you have particular difficulty in attaining any long term success.

It is no detriment to you being reversed on a subject as it is not based in conscious thought. Everyone suffers from it in one or more aspects within their life. For example, I know millionaires who struggle to keep to a simple routine of nutrition and exercise. There is no doubt that someone who has built a large company can stick to a healthy living routine on a level playing field, however , because they are Psychological reversed on that issue they always managed to fail to lose the weight they desire.

Over coming Psychological reversal

The simplest and most efficient method for overcoming this issue is to use Emotional freedom technique. Getting past psychological reversal is done by using something called the set up phrase. This is when you accept yourself for having a problem while taping certain acupuncture points with your fingers. It seems a crazy and pointless thing to do but it is the vital first step in getting over an issue because it will get past the blocking factor of psychological reversal.

Naturally your psychological reversal may wear off depending on your life experiences. This is by a stroke of luck rather than choice so it is best advised to hurry the process along yourself.

Keeping psychological reversal away.

Psychological reversal prevents EFT from working because it severely disrupts the electricity field. Over coming this does not solve the problem per se but instead allows the body and mind to receive the benefits of EFT.

To prevent psychological reversal coming back you must address the underlying issues that are affecting achieving your goal. These issues disturb the electricity field creating PR and come from your subconscious beliefs about yourself and your goal.

When these core factors are addressed, ideally through EFT, you will find that your psychological reversal disappears long term, your underlying thoughts are resolved and success finally comes in that area of your life.

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