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How to approach losing weight

If you are looking to get into shape you must consider what method and approach you are using. This article outlines the key points to consider.

How do I lose weight?

We all talk of losing weight but please note it is fat you are trying to lose. I have seen many clients lose considerable amounts of inches and clothes sizes yet the scales have shown a very poor change. If you are just monitoring yourself on the scales it is very easy to become disheartened with minimal changes even though you are getting results because the inches are shrinking!

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The most effective way to try and lose ‘weight’ is using an approach that covers all bases of your health and produces long lasting results. This can be summed up as:


If you have been reading this newsletter you must know by now that the only approach to nutrition you can use is through metabolic typing. There is no such thing as a healthy diet per se but only a healthy diet in relation to your own individual body. This can vary greatly from you to the next person. It is essential to learn what food is healthy for our body as these foods will allow you to lose weight.

Metabolic typing is the only nutritional system that can identify exactly what foods will allow you to lose weight. It is the most critical factor in allowing long term weight loss to occur.

Metabolic typing allows you to identify exactly what foods you need to eat, how much food you need to eat at each meal and specifically which foods you should avoid. This is all done with the intention of improving the health of the body without being hungry or being unsustainable. This means long term weight loss becomes a real possibility.


Exercise is composed of four main types of activity, each of which improves your health and thus each has a direct influence on losing body fat.

Aerobic training

Activities such like walking, jogging, swimming etc the point of aerobic activity is to increase your fitness. Do not worry about amounts of calories burnt or minimum time of performing the activity. The sole aim should be to continue to increase your fitness long term. This can become a problem after you have been training a while. To get around this you can use Periodization.

Resistance training

Lifting weights if done correctly allows you to change the internal hormonal environment so that you become a better fat burning machine. To add to this it increases bone density, reduces injuries and improve muscle tone. It is an essential activity for both health and for losing body fat.

Core training

Core training focuses on training the muscles that will give you a flat stomach. This flatter stomach will also protect your spine and reduce aches and pains. This technique is often performed using the big bouncy gym balls.

Flexibility training

An underrated technique for losing fat but it is fundamental to health and therefore getting into shape. Through restoring ideal posture the body and organs can work efficiently. Stretching will also prevent and rehabilitate injuries allowing you to do more of the above techniques.

All this can be done very easily and is manageable within most people’s schedules. The common mistake people usually make when trying to exercise to lose weight is spending ages on the aerobic training and not focusing on increasing your fitness. This is unnecessary and comes as a detriment to your overall effort.

The Mind

Underlying everything you do be it nutritionally or within your exercise routine is your mind set. You must look to ensure your mind is in the right place so that this attempt becomes your last and not another step in a seamlessly endless cycle of attempt after attempt.

Losing weight often involves significant changes in the way you view who you are; this brings with it many subtle changes that conflict within your subconscious. These often conflict so that you do not achieve your goal. This is why studies estimate over 90% of dieters fail long term.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) has given us a tool where you can personally address your mind set so that you finally achieve your long term goal weight.

I use all of these above techniques whether as part of my personal training in London or within my on line courses


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