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Supplements - Why some may help & while others hinder.

The supplement industry is huge, many millions are spent on this supplement and that and the majority of people take at least some form of daily supplementation.As with anything to do with nutrition and all industries with a lot of money at stake the information is chaotic and the advice clouded.

It s important to remember the reasons you are taking supplements. As the name suggest it is to supplement your diet with the necessary nutrients to be healthy.

To take supplements while eating a diet that is not right for your body is only going to bring limited benefit. However, once you are eating a diet suited to your metabolic type the correct supplements can prove an amazing contribution to your health.

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There are so many supplements out there that it is hard to know where to start. Firstly we must cut through the literature and find out what types of supplements do we really need. The main types of supplements are:

Omega 3

Nearly all people can benefit from increasing their omega-3 intake as the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats is a crucial factor on our overall health.

Omega 3 need to be of a high quality, kept cool and away from light. For many people they may do better with an Omega 3 supplement such as Cod liver oil due to the high levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D within the body is vital for achieving your health and fitness goals. It linked to sun exposure which most people do not receive enough of for optimal levels within the body.

Digestive aids

In addition to this it is also essential that the digestive capacity of your body is maximized to ensure you can effectively breakdown and absorb the necessary nutrients within consumed. To ensure this occurs digestive enzymes and probiotics (essential good bacteria) can be a powerful tools.

There are good probiotics on the market but sadly also a lot of rubbish. The recently published research, as reported in the national papers, stated how 50% of the tested probiotics did not contain the right bacteria or did not have any bacteria in it at all. This included many of the probiotic drinks found in the supermarkets.

Digestive enzymes need to be tailored specifically to your body’s individual requirements. Digestive enzymes should be tailored to the types of food you are eating more of, e.g. fat, protein or carbs, as required by your metabolic type.

Multi Vitamins

A multivitamin can provide the body with essential levels of nutrients that are difficult to obtain in foods alone. This can restore imbalances seen within the body.

The issue of quality and specificity of the supplement to your unique body is what determines the success of using it.

The effectiveness of multivitamins is based not just on the vitamin or mineral it contains but also by the form in which the vitamin is given.

One of the key facets of metabolic typing is that we can determine if your body is acidic or alkaline in general behavior and thus which form of the supplement is necessary, acidic or alkaline.

Metabolic typing classifies people into six categories based on the two most fundamental systems in the body. Some of these categories have similar yet significantly different nutritional needs. Please see metabolic typing overview to understand more about the metabolic types.

We know that the two categories referred to as parasympathetic and fast oxidizer need in general similar foods, e.g. they should emphasis heavier proteins, fat and lower carbohydrates. A parasympathetic is alkaline while a fast oxidizer is acidic.

Research reveals they are both low in calcium. However, if you were to give an acidic calcium chloride supplement to a fast oxidizer this would cause more harm than good, as they are already acidic. It would be an excellent choice for the parasympathetic person though.

This is repeated throughout the other nutrients making it a minefield when choosing the correct vitamin supplement. Taking random vitamins and mineral supplements is merely hitting and hoping for the best and is pure guesswork.

Where do I buy my supplements?

I buy my supplements through the metabolic typing shop. This is the only place where I can guarantee the best products and usage for my body.

The supplement prices are higher than you will find in commercial retail market places and with good reason. The products are made more thoroughly and with greater precision to ensure they exert a positive effect on your body.

The shop’s products are only available to people who have completed a metabolic typing test.

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