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Preventing knee, back and muscle pain.

Today almost everyone seems to be walking around with some sort of pain, ache or general issue with one body part or another. I get no better satisfaction than quickly clearing up injuries. If you have been suffering with a pain for a while now I would urge you to make a stand and vow to get over it. The majority of pains occur because of a mixture of four main factors:

Tight muscles

In all injuries you will find one or more of the muscles in the area are tight. This pulls on the joint and subjects it to undue stress. The resultant effect is a nagging pain and injury. The effect of tight muscles is often seen in knee pain. If for example you took a blow on the knee; say in a fall, you would be temporarily out of action. The result is that the muscle stiffens up (outside thigh muscle), it is then this stiff muscle that become the cause of the pain. I often meet people who blame their injuries on a fall two years ago. Unless there was actual damage to the bone structures involved the actual pain is in fact from the muscle tightness that they failed to address.

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The good news is stretching the tight muscles can rapidly bring relief in such situations. Simply discover and stretch the muscle that are tight and in need for balancing.

Weak or sleeping muscles.

A weak muscle usually comes hand in hand with a tight one. When a muscle is weak it cannot hold the joint in place. In knee pain it is the weakness in the muscle just above the knee, on the inside thigh that causes the pain to continue. Often knee injuries can be cleared up by simply strengthening this one thigh muscle.

Sleeping muscles are often a problem in injuries. When a joint or area is injured the muscle nearest to the area is down regulated by the body in an attempt to protect the joint. The idea being if the muscle is not working correctly the joint will not be moved so much thus protecting it from further injury.

This is seen a lot in the knee and spine where the muscles that hold these parts in place (tear drop thigh muscle and the core) are switched off by the pain in the area. Sleeping muscles are a Catch -22 because you need them to be awake to stop the pain. To reawaken them you must restore posture and muscle lengths through stretching. You will also need to concentrate on getting them working. It is also possible to use touch sensitivity, touch the muscle you want to use, while exercising to wake them up.


The nutritional state of your body greatly affects the health and any degree of any pain in the joints. Often sleeping muscles around the spine are caused because of your digestive system has become irritated. This may be from eating poor food choices (non metabolically appropriate). Other joints are affected greatly by the general nutritional state of the body. People are always very keen to take a glucosamine supplement for their joints but not so enthusiastic to get their metabolic type and nutrition sorted. A much greater factor for joint pain than any supplement.

Emotional and energy issues

The mind is connected to the body, in this day and age we do not readily accept that as fact but joint pain can be a great case in point. Since I have introduced emotional freedom technique into my practice I have seen time and again amazing results just by addressing the person's energy system. This works like acupuncture in re balancing the energy points within the body but not with needles, instead with your fingers and a few other techniques. If an emotional block is causing you pain the only way to really treat it is to remove it using EFT

If you have been suffering pain for months, or even years it is time to stop it in its tracks. You are suffering unnecessarily and you can dramatically make improvements with just some of the simple issues I have raised above.

My course teaches you everything you need to know about flexibility, strengthening and reactivating muscles to end pain. The nutritional and emotional perspectives are also covered to ensure results. I would say it is a must for you to achieve these things and the best time to start is now.


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