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Emotional blocks to success?

We often say we want to achieve a goal yet so often this vision never realizes itself. This is so often seen in weight loss when people go on attempt after attempt.

This cycle is somewhat caused by the pure lucky dip that the main stream diets you choose will work for you. However I know with my clients who follow the metabolic typing analysis and recommended nutritional plan that even when they have the perfect road map for success they often do not or cannot maintain it despite it being very easy to follow.

When this happens I know there are underlying emotional issues that need to be resolved. For this I use Emotional freedom technique (EFT). To use EFT it is vital to identify some issues that may underlie your goal.

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Try and answer these questions and see if they identify any possible blocks to your goal. Feel free to email me your answers if you would like to discuss this further.


What goal / issue are you looking to achieve?

Why do you want to achieve this? (Try get down to the underlying emotion you want to experience, you may need to think about it)


What was happening in your life during the time this issue started to affect you? (Were you beginning a new job, left school, traveling, moved house etc).


What would you be focusing on if you didn't spend time worrying on this issue?

What is the downside of achieving your goals?

What is YOUR theory about why you have not yet resolved this dilemma, or achieved your goal?



The conscious mind often says we want to achieve something yet the subconscious may well feel different. This is very common place and is not a personality defect but more the natural outcome of the many different influences and emotions we all store. Hopefully these questions begin to identify some issues that may surround your goal.

If you find you cannot think of any issues then do not worry, there are further more advanced technique that can be used if you feel you must discover them to achieve your long term goal.

This aspect of your health, the emotional and mental perspectives is integral to my courses. For more details on them please visit the lifestyle course section of the web site.


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