A couple months ago I told you about some good questions that looked back on your progress this year. Those questions are equally applicable at the half way point as they were on May 1st. You can see them here>>>


However, what about planning forwards over looking back? Here are some good questions to ponder and then take action upon. Following through on even one of the elements below will be beneficial.


What Fitness Challenge Could You Do By The End of The Year? – Everyone is looking for extra motivation and a very simple method is to commit to doing a challenge, it could be a half marathon, Duathlon, moon walk, 3 peaks challenge, a yoga retreat or a strength challenge.

The first step is pick what appeals to you and then to sign up for it. There is great power in putting your name down or paying the entrance fee. It will immediately focus your attention and increase your motivation not just now but throughout the duration until the event. 


What Coaching Programme Could You Join? – There is no better way to increase your motivation than working with a coach, trainer or within a programme. It still surprises me how few people make use of it. The biggest clue about the benefits  of coaching is that every single athlete in the world has a coach.

However focused or motivated you are or are not, you will jump immediately to another level when you join a plan. This does not necessarily have to be in person one on one as the online world offers many options for this.

I will eventually get my online programmes back up and running. As I am nearing the end of my 3rd book’s research stage I should have time to get that going soon. Probably September ish I would guess but don’t hold me to that.


What Nutrition Plan Could You Try For A Week? – When it comes to food motivation and progress the easiest advice is just to change something. We are such creatures of habit that we resist almost all changes around our food. Routine eating behaviours train the brain to eat habitually which makes it harder to adapt your eating to achieve results.

Therefore making any change by following a plan for a week will often be very beneficial. This also applies to people who keep trying to diet or eat a certain amount of calories but keep failing. Try a couple of nutrition week long experiments and you will often be surprised by how much easier it becomes going back to the original food plan you were struggling to stick to.

The best week long plan would be whichever most appeals to you today or one you always fancied trying. This could be a vegan plan or an opposite keto approach. You could select a juice diet, a detox diet, a food elimination plan. Maybe try going ‘clean’ or doing a protein challenge (eating a set amount of protein per day).

Instead of changing your foods you could change the times that you eat through intermittent or reverse intermittent fasting. Perhaps you want to follow a intuitive eating plan. There are so many possibilities. The key is not which to follow but that you follow a new plan to shake things up. 


Who Could You Team Up With In Health & Fitness – One of the biggest influences upon your focus or motivation in any area of life is the environment you find yourself within. A simple way to increase performance in an area is to change the environment around you. Teaming up with other people in some form is the best way to do this.

This could come in the form of arranging to train with a friend every week. It could be a fitness whatsapp group with your mates. Maybe teaming up with others in your local gym would be the best options. However you do it, a key step to getting to a new level of health and fitness is by associating with other people who will help you raise your standards simply by osmosis of their behaviours.



Taking action on any of these will produce great benefits. While each task in it’s own right is great the real secrets is that they engage something that is bigger than you and therefore has the the potential to influence all areas of your health & fitness. 


Photo – This week has the JP Morgan chase here in Battersea which is challenge many people do. The other pics are of the Tesco Run for Life and London Marathon. 



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