It has been a while since I wrote a update about any research studies I have found particularly interesting. Some of the best ones are below.

Corona Virus – I have spent way too much time looking at corona research reviews. Wherever you stand on it the disconnect between medical research, government policy and the media is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my lifetime. I felt on day one the effects of lock down itself would end up costing more lives than corona was going to take and I am fairly confident that is now going to be shown to be true. While I could of course be wrong and happy to engage in debate on the subject the real issue is the lack of awareness on the issue.

There is an absolute disconnect from the perception of the situation vs reality.  Almost no one understand that doing a lock down has consequences and causes deaths just like not doing one does. (I wrote about that here>> or more intelligent doctors have here>>). There is also a basic lack of understanding about statistics and risk. This was shown by the recent research where those surveyed believed 6% of the population had died from corona. The real stat is some 100 times less at 0.06%, or in population terms, that means the average person believes 4.1 million people have died vs the actual 41 000. Life carries risk and corona is just another risk alongside a host of other factors. Which brings me to some actual health and fitness research.

Exercise & Mortality – This was a great study linking the lack of exercise to pretty much higher chances of death from every condition out there. It is a comprehensive piece probably worthy of its own email but I can do that another day. If you are worried about corona, then you are worried about health…. then YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED about your exercise consistency. The study has a great table on how steps have reduced from previous era and generations to around 5300 in 2010. I would bet it is even less now, dramatically less if include the recent lock down.

There is just no doubt about it, you need to move a few times a week. How do you do that though if you are not a fan? For starters you need to redefine what you mean by exercise. The health benefits come from such low levels of movement I do not feel anyone will struggle to get it done. It does not have to hurt, it is not like playing a sport or fitness training like in films. It is just about basic and simple moving like walking, gentle cardio etc but done consistently over time. This will improve your health. If you then get more into formal fitness training it will give extra benefit on top of this to prevent early death from all chronic conditions. There is a nice graph in the study showing VO2 max (your fitness) and correlation to death. 

To sum up the study in simple terms, doing no exercise is a DISASTER for your health. Doing very simple low level exercise has big health benefits. If you can then make a jump to the next level up and be consistent with higher intensity exercise you get another benefit in health. There are no extra benefits from higher intensity past this point, such as pushing it to the limit type intensities.

In practical terms, if you never walk trouble awaits, if you walk or very slow jog you have some great benefits as a result. If you do steady jogging type speeds you get the next jump in benefits. There are no health mertis to absolutely killing yourself in running. This can apply to any other form of aerobic training, e.g. cycling etc.

Calorie Excretion Rates – I like this study as I am very interested in why some people have a much harder time than others in trying to lose body fat and also keep it off. While much of this is psychological, a big part is also to do with your physiology. We know that the body can vary between people in terms of metabolism (calories you need per day), hunger, signals to tell you that you are full, fidgeting and more.

This study looks at the influence of digestion efficiency and how many calories you fail to absorb during digestion. It showed a fairly large difference of between 2-10% amongst those surveyed depending on the amount of food consumed. This means that you and your friend may be eating the same amount of food but they are actually eating almost 10% less than you because they do not digest it all. Those numbers could really add up as that may be 200-300 calories difference between any two people.

While this offers little practical advice as it does not detail how to change digestion efficiency, it adds yet further reasoning to explain why some people need to work harder than others for results. This allows more flexibility in nutritional planning to get results (as the plan is more targeted to your body) and is another factor in collapsing perhaps the biggest myths of modern day body transformations, that it is impossible to get your goal body shape.


I read a few other studies too but those can wait for another day! 


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