Testimonials and case studies.

Find below some cases studies from people who I have worked with both face to face and on line around the world. All of these people are maintaining their results at least one year after finishing working with me! To keep up with the latest case studies make sure you are signed up to the newsletter by downloading your body transformation guide . Result may vary, these are examples of what can be achieved but your individual results may be different.

Personal Trainer London

Anu Brady – With her weight steadily creeping upwards Anu decided totake action and work with me through some personal training. Over a few month period her body changed dramatically dropping from a dress size 16 to a 10. She is still maintaining her results 2 years after working with me. Read about Anu’s sensational change in dress size>>>>


Personal Trainer Clapham Ghislain Juvanon – Looking to accelerate his weight  loss from what he had achieved on his own Ghislain  lost 17Kg and 10 inches while training with me. He  also greatly increased his fitness and in total has lost  over 25 Kg and 12 inches around his waist. He is still  maintaining his results 2 years after working with  me.Read about Ghislains remarkable change and take  inspiration from his efforts>>>


Personal Trainer Clapham

Monika Grygiel – After the birth of her second daughter she used another personal trainer for almost a year Monika. She was frustrated at the lack of body fat results and she had back pain. Upon working with me she went from a dress size 14 to a 10, resolved her back pain and felt happy to wear a bikini on the beach. She is still maintaining her results a year after working with me. Read about Monika’s great results>>>


Personal Trainer Clapham

Becca Dowing – She had always been active but due to her high pressure job she struggled to get the body fat results she wanted. Rebecca transformed her body achieving her lowest ever body fat percentage and looking beautiful on her wedding day. She is still maintaining her results 1 year after working with me. Read Rebecca’s story here>>


Personal Trainer Clapham

Neil Kelk – He had always been active and was a self confessed cardio junkie. However, he never got the results body fat wise that his exercise volume would expect. On working with me he lost 10 Kg (22 Lbs) and looked in great shape on his wedding day. He has since maintained his results 1 year on after finishing working with me and has had to buy a whole new set of clothes! Read about Neil and his great results>>>>


Personal Trainer Clapham

 Sarah Butler – She had gradually gained weight after  adopting the vegetarian diet of her boyfriend. Sarah  lost over 2 stone (14kg / 30 Lbs) and now feels  amazing in her clothes. She has maintained her results  1 year after working with me. Read how Sarah did  it>>>


Personal Trainer Battersea

Chris Wearden – At 48 years old Chris used the gym for the first time in his life and a full 20 years after his last bout of exercise . In five months he lost over 3 stone in weight and an amazing 7 inches around his waist. Learn how he did it and how you can do the same>>


Personal Training LondonNorthlands Fijian rugby province – Watsoni Ratuleu, the coach of Fijian rugby province Northlands contacted me to help with the team fitness. The result was their highest ever league finish and winning the Farebrother cup for the first time in their history. Learn more about the training techniques I used to help them>>>


Personal Trainer Clapham

Linsay Duncan – A tri-athlete and long term exerciser she wanted to get shape without having to rely on long aerobic sessions. Working together she achieved some great results.Read how she did it>>>


Personal Trainer Battersea


Markus Hofmeier – Markus transformed his body by losing 10% body fat in around 2 months. He also dramatically increased his fitness and has learnt skills to maintain it for life.See how he did it>>>

 Chris Bicourt – For the first time in years Chris not only reached his goal weight but had more energy and felt more emotionally balanced than ever before. Read more here>>>


(*There is no guarantee of specific results, individual results may vary).

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