A few conversations this week with clients brought up the effort curve. This relates to the fact that your Health & Fitness Results DO NOT have a linear relationship with effort. Instead there is this weird shape and pattern where there are very limited results despite putting in effort initially followed by a rapid expansion and increase in results as the extra effort crosses the results threshold. The final part of this process shows similar slow progress in extra results despite putting in more effort. 

This has serious implications for health and fitness because way too many people quit when they shouldn’t as they need just a small increase in effort to see remarkable results, likewise, other people end up quitting because they try to push too hard when results are already coming. This all comes back to the art of body transformations. 

Navigating these sort of issues is one of the reasons having a coach such improved results. It is hard to know whether you are close to the effort level that brings rapid results or if you are a long way off. This has implications for how to react to it. The other end of the scale I know many of my success stories have come from me stopping people increasing their effort and intensity when things are progressing. This is very hard to do when you are doing it alone.

Check out the video below for a more complete discussion on the Effort Curve. 


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