Just a week after the government revealed their scheme to get the UK fitter now that Covid deaths are linked to obesity they also launched the “Eat Out To Help Out Scheme”. This scheme flies in the face of the former plan as for the whole of August any fast food or restaurant meals is 50% off, or as I have seen many people doing… you can buy two meals for the price of one and eat it all yourself. 

I have written previously about the effects of the lock down with an estimated 20 million people in the UK gaining over 3 KG (~half a stone / 7 lbs) and maybe 66% gained some amount of weight. On a personal level I was very interested to see how my own clients have fared during the restrictions. This reminded me of when I used to spend three months a year in Brazil living the good life and nine months here in London. I would usually be here January to September then away October to December in Recife, Northern Brazil. It was always a really good test to see how my clients acted with me out of the country. It would show how much they have really changed and how strong their new behaviour patterns were. 

As most are back training now or I have at least managed to catch up with them I can see how well they have done during the lock down. Unlike my trips to Brazil this 3 month period threw a whole heap of new challenges, stresses and new lifestyle routines. 

The results were really good,  about a 30% of my clients have continued to lose weight, another 50% maintained weight and of the 20% who gained  fat hardly any gained a significant amount. In fact, most of the ones who have come back training have already lost that extra body fat. This shows me that they have developed a fair amount of natural behaviour patterns to be robust enough to handle a huge shake up in lifestyle that the lock down brought about.

I wouldn’t worry too much if your health & fitness took a step backwards during the lock down as that is the most common outcome across the population. It is more important to look at how you are going to move forwards now things slowly returning to normal.

Along those lines you may want to check out my video discussing all aspects of how my new online coaching programmes work. 

If you have had a bit of a disaster over these last few months then now is the time to turn it around. Despite what you may believe it is much easier to make progress than you perhaps are imagining. You do not need to go keto, give up carbs, starve yourself or sign up to a 10 000 burpee challenge. It can be so much simpler than that. I had two online clients lose a nice amount of weight who both started at the beginning of the restrictions back in March. The same could happen to you.

If you are putting in an effort already in some form it is a great opportunity to align your focus to take things to the next level up. There is great power in working with a coach who can bring it all together so that you are improving to higher level in terms of fitness but also body shape and your behaviour patterns. All too often if you are quite active and fairly healthy you are leaving so much on the table as you get comfortable with your generally ok levels. There is something special about developing your full potential and committing towards it.  

Either way, it is pretty important that you start now with your efforts to make a change. How many months have you wasted already through this crisis? Now is the time to make a change or before you realize, it is getting dark by 5pm and you are thinking about whether you should push this effort back to the other side of the holidays and into 2021.


The good thing about my online coaching is you get all the benefits of working with me and the results that my clients get here in London yet you can do it from anywhere in the world (including London). It is also much more affordable than one on one training. Watch the video below to learn more. 



Photo – Check out my video discussing the online coaching process more.





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