Battersea Park was packed full of trucks and film crews these last few days as they were apparently filming the latest Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise on site. As you can see in the photos below they certainly brought a few things with them. I did not see him, though lots of kids kept coming back to their parents with various autographs so he and/or other actors were somewhere close. 


With Hollywood in town it brings up the topic of movie physiques. It also ties into the issue of the fitness model shows that I do. I have another coming up in September and have started the 12 week run-in to drop the body fat and optimize the muscle that I have. Preparing for the event is no different to an actor preparing for filming.


Whenever the conversation around a great physique comes up the emphasis is always on the plan it takes to get there and how hard the person worked on that plan. While anyone in great shape no doubt put in a nice amount of effort it is a slightly misleading impression of what it takes to get in shape. The truth behind a great physique is consistency. It is not how hard you went on the plan but rather for how long you followed it for.


The best Hollywood physiques have been training for years, not weeks. The fat loss plan to be ready for a show takes months not days. What is often missed is that the celebs started their pre-film transformations either already in great shape or in a strike zone of it. This prior level of consistency seems to get no attention in conversations about results. The Rock and his workout schedule gets a lot of discussion but he has been training like a professional athlete for 20 years plus. While it is no doubt true Zac Efron did a great pre-film plan to be ready for Baywatch he had a 6 pack in photos from 2 years before he started his prep for that film. Famous actresses known for being in good shape have often been that way for 10 years plus. 

Personally, while I will be super lean for my show soon, right now I have less fat than most people’s end goal and I have 8 weeks of fat loss ahead, It is not the difficulty of effort that takes me lower but the fact I am starting out at a lower point. This is a consistency over time issue.


Why Does This Matter?


The reason I mention this topic is that the emphasis on intensity and force of effort over the conversation on consistency means most people think they have to come out at 100 miles per hour and question if they really have what it takes to be able to do it. It is no wonder you question yourself, there is a good chance you are going way too hard.


With consistency as your friend you will realize that there is no goal you cannot achieve and though it may take longer than expected it may also be easier than imagined. To unlock this potential you will probably need a different approach to get there. It will be less about the plan to follow and more about developing the person you are. I covered this extensively in my book, the Grand Unified Theory Of Weight Loss.


With enough time amazing things can happen, you can get back into clothes from many years ago, you can develop muscle tone and change your shape. You could go from couch potato to become a triathlete or marathon runner. With time and consistency great things can happen. A big element of a huge transformation in any of these areas is how you act during difficult periods. It is not about you getting better at making progress when you are on form, but often about not going backwards when you are in a difficult period. 


I have written a few times about how most people have lost so much weight over the years, you may remember my client who had lost over 100kg (and gained the same). Turning her results around was not about teaching faster ways to lose fat but rather better ways to break even during 1,2 or 3 month plateau’s rather than regaining some or all of the weight she had just lost. In these conversations, going hard is the enemy of success and not some ideal of how you should act.


Photos –  A couple of pictures of the filming from this week.  See here>>>



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