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The key techniques for success

If you are trying to achieve any health and fitness goal you must ensure you are using the techniques to guarantee success. These can be summarized as:

Set some goals! It is important you think what do you want to achieve and by when. Then discover the real reason why you want to train. This focuses the mind, when you are mentally attuned to the task at hand anything is possible.

Discover your metabolic type, without this information you will be guessing at what foods are right for you. It would be unwise to guess what type of fuel to put in your car, especially if there were hundreds of choices of petrol so why guess with your body. When you know your metabolic type you will know exactly what foods to be eating and be on the right path for success.

Tune into your body, the amazing creation that is your body is continually sending out signals and signs about what is happening to it. Most people are normally out of touch with their bodies and do not pick up on these key messages. Look out for and listen to signals such as being hungry an hour after eating, sugar cravings, energy dips, poor concentration, changes in feces, persistent health complaints, allergies and much more. This information will tell you if you are helping your body or hindering your attempt.

Get exercising, ensure you start and adhere to an exercise programme. This should include all four essential components and be part of a lifelong manageable routine. Long 2 hour gym sessions rarely last as does training at Olympic athlete intensities. An exercise session should leave you feeling great and energized, not in pain and exhausted.

Set the lifestyle to suit your new ways. Trying to achieve your goals without looking at lifestyle aspects is a huge oversight. The body demands adequate sleep and sunlight exposure. To this you must start the path to avoiding toxins entering your body wherever possible by addressing food quality, cooking techniques and environmental exposure.

Develop the mind set. To change to occur long term you must be ready to avoid sabotaging yourself during the process and deflect the negative influence many people inadvertently place on ourselves.

These key steps will put you in the right direction to achieve success. Feel free to read the further articles on this site to expand upon these topics.


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