f your main focus is sports I can help you excel in this area. I have worked with various sports competitors. I have a history of working with rugby players, I wrote the book Rugby Fitness Training – A Twelve Month Conditioning Programme and run the website Rugby Fitness Training.

The key to sports success is being  consistent with your training programme. To do this you have to adjust many of the commonly held beliefs and methods that most people use to focus on their sport.

Each year I will help a few clients run the London Marathon in a way they not only complete it but they also enjoy the process. I have background in athletics, competing in 400m so I understand the nature of running sports be it shorter or longer distances. I have helped many different athletes including Tennis, Motor cross, Football, Golf, Skiing, Power lifting, Body building, Bikini Fitness, Rugby, Running (sprints, 5km, 10km up to double marathon!), Combat Sports, Martial Arts, Hockey, Netball and more. I have also worked with Dancers including Ballet, Hip Hop and Samba.

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My personal training service combines nutrition, exercise, postural correction and behaviour change techniques to ensure you get fantastic results. Download my Body Transformation Guide to understand how these techniques are all brought together to ensure results.
The best way to understand how I help people get into amazing shape is to contact me for your Free sample session. Call Ben on 07915 397 703 or email me at info@one2onenutrition.co.uk
Watch me being interviewed on the BBC 1 Breakfast show discussing milk and the plans to stop milk for under 5 years old’s.