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Adrenal fatigue function and hormone profile testing.

If you are having trouble losing body fat despite eating right for your metabolic type then it is often prudent to examine your adrenal function, hormone levels and the balance of the steroid hormone pathway. This can reveal information about how your body is functioning internally and give possible clues as to why your body will not lose body fat despite your efforts.

The steroid hormonal pathway

The steroid hormonal pathway refers to how the body creates and synthesizes hormones. The hormone system is derived from the oxygen cycle which produces Acetyl Co-A. From this the hormone Pregnenolone is produced which should go on to produce DHEA which then further supports the creation of other hormones.

During periods of stress the Pregnenlone is diverted to cause the production of Cortisol (produced in the Adrenals). This is a normal response to a stress situation. If the stress is prolonged the continual production of Cortisol is called Pregnenolone steal. When the body is subjected to stress for an extended period of time this Pregnenolone steal pathway can become the normal pathway for the body’s hormone system. The results is a malfunctioning at hormone level which will fatigue the Adrenals as a result of continual stimulation.

Metabolic Typing Steroid Hormone Pathway

What causes stress within the body?

Stress is a term which refers to a demand being placed upon the body. In regards to hormones we are concerned with what sources are acting as a stressor upon the body which could cause pregnenolone steal to occur. Stress can be viewed as either an internal or external stress.

External stressors can come from mental and emotional sources, e.g. fear, excitement, worry, anxiety, lack of purpose in life. External stress also comes from physical injuries and behaviours e.g. fractures, muscle injuries, nerve compression, excessive exercise.

Internal stressors include parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses within the body. Other internal stressors include pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, metals, malfunction, mal-digestion, mal-absorption, wrong foods, blood sugar problems, alcohol and drugs (both medical and recreational).

Read more about stressors in the article 50 reasons you are not in shape. Download the chart on this page.

Adrenal and hormone profile testing

The adrenal function test takes four saliva samples at different points during the day. These are analysed to give the total cortisol readings for the day, the cortisol readings at different points of the day and your DHEA levels. From this it can be seen if your body is under stress and how strong your adrenal glands appear. The test also shows levels of Testosterone, Oestrogen, Progesterone and Melatonin.

Excessive stimulation of the adrenals (from prolonged stress) can lead to Adrenal fatigue. If the adrenals are in a state of fatigue then the source of the stress needs to be identified to reduce the pressure on the body. The hormonal pathway may have also altered due to the excessive time spent battling the stressors.

If you body is in a state of adrenal fatigue and / or your hormonal balance has been upset then losing fat can become difficult. This may mean your body does not get results however well you eat or you can only maintain results by being 100% strict.

Finding out your adrenal function and hormone pathway.

If you want to discover how your body is functioning then you can take these tests when working with me either face to face or online.

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