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Beliefs analysis

When it comes to determining your long term health and fitness success there are two elements you need; the right mind set and the right plan to produce results. The mind set represents the biggest influence upon results.  This is because it is your mind that determines your behaviours and your behaviours produce results. It does not matter how good your plan for success may be, if you cannot stick to it then you will not get results.

I see this with metabolic typing all the time, why have access to an amazing result producing science when you follow it 30% of the time? It is like being given a Ferrari when you do not know how to drive. Developing your mindset is like developing your driving skills so that when given the right vehicle you can move rapidly forwards to get great results.

Influences on your behaviour

When it comes to addressing your mindset to get your body into amazing shape it is important to understand what influences behaviour. There are three main areas to note when it comes to your behaviour patterns.

Conscious thought patterns - This is what you actively think about. Any activities done with conscious thought comes under the traditional term of ‘will power’. This type of behaviour control works only when it is active in your brain and is the least effective strategy for managing behaviour patterns because it can go against the subconscious which produces your emotions.

Subconscious thought patterns - This is your automatic pilot which is working all the time and controls your behaviour in the vast majority of circumstances. Your subconscious immediately produces your emotional response to any situation. This stems from your existing beliefs. These emotions can be overpowered by conscious thought (using will power) but it creates internal conflict. Long term your behaviours will always align themselves with your beliefs and subconscious thought patterns. Your existing beliefs were created from your experiences and information gained during your life. They are neither right nor wrong but rather help towards certain goals or hinder progress.

Emotions – Your emotions come from the direct response of your subconscious to the stimulus in front of you. This stems from your beliefs which were formed from your prior experiences throughout your life. Emotions are also created from ongoing thoughts you have from past events, present tense evaluations of life and future concerns. These emotions all combine to form what is called your emotional haze. This is the sum of all the emotions you are currently experiencing.

Creating the right mindset

To create the mind set which will effortlessly allow you to get into amazing shape you need to address all three areas. You should use conscious thought and will power in the short term to get you to do the mind change exercises and to do the necessary actions for success. Simultaneously to this you need to work on reprogramming your subconscious behaviour patterns. Even the best laid patterns may fall apart under a large emotional haze and thus the emotions need to be controlled too.

Testing your beliefs to see what you need to change to get results

For long term results it is essential you identify where the blocks are within your mind set. This can be done by analyzing your subconscious programming. The beliefs analysis I use identifies your strengths and weaknesses within the principles needed for success, the types of emotional influences you are under, the beliefs which prevent you achieving results and your knowledge about how to get results.

When you know your current belief pattern you can set about changing your beliefs and subconscious programming immediately using my five step model for behaviour change.

The beliefs analysis test

The full beliefs analysis test is 175 questions and allows you to identify:

  • If resentment is holding you back from success
  • If your emotional events from the past or future are keeping you blocked
  • How your friends, family or social circle can be a negative influence upon your goals
  • If your weight is an issue covering another aspect within your life
  • If you are simply following the wrong plan for success
  • Why you grab for food when you are feeling down
  • Whether a fear of hunger is causing your eating to go awry
  • How important your goals are to you compared to other issues in life
  • ……and many more traits for success.

The beliefs analysis test shows you your individual scores in each beliefs areas surrounding food, exercise, health and getting results.

The analysis discusses the main priority areas for you to address:
London Personal trainer beliefs analysis
The main priority areas have a series of behaviour change exercises to transform your subconscious programming and beliefs.

London Personal trainer beliefs analysis

The individual beliefs in which you scored the highest are also discussed with advice and points to consider in how they are affecting you obtaining results.

London Personal trainer beliefs analysis

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