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The Principles and approach of Metabolic Typing

The following article describes the essence of Metabolic Typing. It comes William Wolcott, author of The Metabolic Typing Diet and pioneer of Metabolic Typing over the last 35 years.

"Our approach – in a nutshell – is two-pronged. Simply put, we “do all the right things” for the body and simultaneously “stop all the wrong things.”

Doing the right things means providing everything that the body needs from a genetically-based standpoint in order to maximize genetic potential and thrive in optimal health. This includes but is not limited to eating right for one’s Metabolic Type®, consuming pure (purified) water, getting plenty of rest, eating organic foods, exercising daily, optimizing hydration, digestion, assimilation, elimination and detoxification, etc.

Stopping the wrong things means uncovering and eradicating all possible stressors and Blocking Factors, i.e., those elements that directly inhibit, disrupt, block the functioning of the body’s fundamental homeostatic controls and which, if left chronic, result in degeneration. This includes but is not limited to eating wrong foods for one’s Metabolic Type®, consuming reactive foods, accumulating heavy metals, exposure to chemical toxins, structural subluxations, all manner of pathogens (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasites, etc.)

Failure to discover and eradicate stressors and Blocking Factors effectively is like trying to run in two opposite directions at the same time. In analogous terms, think of the process of building health to be like filling a bathtub. To fill the tub, you need water (doing the right things) and you need to plug the drain (stop the wrong things). Fail to plug the drain and the water never fills the tub; it just drains away. Fail to eradicate Blocking Factors and all the good things you do will be limited in the results you’ll accrue."

Take this attitude further for great results.

If you want to adopt this attitude and use metabolic typing, exercise and EFT to achieve your health and fitness goals then consider working with me through personal training here in London or On line.

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