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50 reasons your are not in shape -A Weight loss Overview.

The typical view of weight loss is a calories in versus calories out game. This works fine in theory but does not pan out in reality. I have seen client after client come to me after a long period of healthy eating and controlled calories. Despite this they still had not lost the weight.

This is because the body does not have to use up excess fat to bridge an energy deficit. It can instead use stored glycogen (carbs), protein or simply reduce the metabolic process within the body to save energy. This comes at the expense of your health.

The way to lose fat is to address the causal factors that made you out of shape in the first place. There are well over 50 reasons that this could be and these can vary for different people. More than one factor may also be affecting you. Read more by downloading "50 reasons you are not in shape - A weight loss overview" by clicking here>>>


Download 50 reasons you are not in shape - A weight loss overview>>

IMetabolic Typing Weight Loss Overview

To begin working through these various potential causal factors to get the body losing fat consider working with me on line or face to face.

The process of metabolic typing covers many casual factors simultaneously and hence the effectiveness of the system.

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