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Fake Thin People

When it comes to achieving your goals Fake Thin People are one of the biggest obstacles in your way. A fake thin person is someone who is thin by luck rather than by effort. They give the appearance of being in great shape but scratch the surface and you will see that this is not the case.

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery. It is also very diverse. No two people are the same and everyone is unique in many different ways. One of the quirks of the human body is that two people can have exactly the same behaviours e.g. nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, yet end up with very different problems.

What this means is you and your friend can both pig out on chocolate for a week and you will gain four pounds while he/she doesn't gain an ounce. Studies have shown that if you try and make thin people fat some of these people will not gain weight however much they eat! In such studies participants would eat as much as they could over an extended period and still could not put on weight despite trying their very hardest.

What this means is that some people can do all the wrong things yet still look thin. They will often falsely attribute their success to one or two things they do, e.g. having two eggs every morning, drinking green tea etc. Before you know it there are all sorts of advice flying around from this fake thin person or that one. The results is you do not know whom to believe. There are four types of fake thin people.

Fake thin person 1 – I can do anything and still be thin

This type is most common with younger people. In your teens and early twenties you can often eat rubbish, drink, avoid exercise yet still be thin. With most of these people it eventually catches up with them. I have met and worked with a fair few models and you would be surprised at how unhealthy most of them are. They are fake thin people relying on their body being resilient to putting on fat. Some people will stay like this for life and things will go wrong in other areas, e.g. they will have liver problems, depression etc. The majority of these people will either change to another type of fake thin person or just get out of shape.

Fake thin person 2 – The person who looks thin but actually is overweight

It may sound strange but if you measure people’s body fat then you have a fairly equal measure of how ‘good’ someone looks without accounting for muscle tone. I have probably taken over a 1000 measurements on clients and have seen time and time again that you can have two people with the same body fat percentage but one person looks like they are in ok shape while the other person looks overweight.

The reason for this is looking great is not just about the amount of body fat on your body but also where you store your fat, your posture and muscle tone. In general there are three main fat storage patterns in men and four in women. Read more about this in How your body shape affects your nutritional needs.

Some people store fat only on their stomachs. This can have the effect of appearing thin when wearing clothes (assuming you stand with good posture) or alternatively make you look more overweight because the fat is concentrated in one specific area.

Other people store fat all over their body, this spreading around of the fat can stop you looking so out of shape although it can also make you look more overweight if it focuses on the face. Some people store fat in a way that makes them look more muscular or thickly built. 

The final pattern is exclusive to women and refers to those who store fat almost exclusively below their waist. This makes the upper body look thin while the lower body is larger. Depending on how you judge weight you can either be viewed as thin by looking above the hips or overweight by looking below. 

How you view people you meet depends upon your own views of being in shape and how you compare yourself to them. Often when looking at other people you will focus on their strong areas while ignoring their weaker areas.  This means you may classify them as being thin because you looked at their better areas but when looking at your own body you only focus on your worst bits. This may mean they appear in better shape than you even though you could both have the same body fat percentage.


Fake thin person 3 – They are in great shape but have got there through an unhealthy obsession

Getting into amazing shape does take effort and some obsessive behaviours can come in handy. However there is a difference between a person who is truly doing it because he/she really wants to do it and some one doing because they have to do it. This is a very subtle difference but significant. It is the difference between wanting to go to the gym and feeling an almost obsessive compulsive behaviour to do so. The former brings peace of mind and enjoyment the latter brings resentment and conflict.

It is not that it is bad people have achieved their great look this way, it is just there are easier ways to get there and when you do the rewards will be every bit as good if not better than you could have imagined. This type of fake thin person is not someone to have as a role model because you cannot create the obsessions they have. You can cannot teach someone to create a fear of eating, a fear of fat, an hour a day minimum exercise obsession and why would you want to?

These obsessive behaviours have not given the person peace of mind. They can never be in truly amazing shape however good they look and the route they took to get there cannot be copied. It is a fine line between a healthy and unhealthy obsession.

If you want to do something then it is a healthy passion, if you have to do it then it is an unhealthy obsession. For example, I love exercise, but I can have a rest week, take rest days each week, tune into my body if it wants to go hard or easy. The obsessed cannot do this, they must go to do their exercise. If they don’t, then they just get uneasy and panic about not doing it. Same with eating, I cut out and chose to eat many foods. However it is done by choice and reasoned judgment and not by fear and panic.

Fake thin person 4 – Say they do nothing to be in shape but secretly / unknowingly put in plenty of efforts

This type of person is deceptive. They may portray that they do not follow a diet, limit foods, exercise etc yet they look great. At a party you may see them eating and drinking away. Often with these people if you look at their behaviours they are in fact following many of the principles you need to be in great shape. They are doing plenty of things that creates their look but they are either unaware they do these things or deny them for some other reason. They may well be someone who is just in amazing shape but pretend they are lucky. A short conversation with this type of person and observing their behaviours will soon reveal some of their methods.

Fake thin people and you

The point I want to make by mentioning ‘Fake thin’ people is this, you should be careful of who you listen to. It does not matter what shape or how they got there, what matters is how you react to these people and what they preach. If it is a true fake thin person you should view their advice with some scepticism and certainly question the basis upon which they make any claims. Remember, what ever they do they will still be thin. This means if you copy their behaviours it will simply be the luck of the draw how it affects you.

If you are meeting with someone who is truly in amazing shape then learn from them and you will observe many of the characteristic that separates them from their out of shape counterparts. It will soon become apparent if they are a fake thin person.

Do not criticize fake thin people though, it is their good fortune. They are still a great person but just do not treat their words or methods as gospel.

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