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Hair Mineral Analysis.

The first step to achieving any health and fitness goal starts with identifying your metabolic type.

This gives us information on what to eat, how much to eat, food sensitivities and the associated supplement programme. These are the most powerful procedures for optimizing the efficiency of the body and hence taking you towards your goals.

When the nutrition is in place you are able to add to the programme by including hair analysis data and detoxification procedures.

A hair analysis provides an insight to what is happening within the body at tissue level. It is able to detail the amount of nutrients within the hair, which heavy metals are being sequestered and indicates the response of the body to stress, the activity of the thyroid, adrenal, immune system and carbohydrate metabolism.

Hair Mineral Analysis

The hair is cut from 3-5 sites on the head. I use labs based in the USA for analysis. The analysis gives us:

Absolute Mineral Levels Within The Hair

This refers to the amount of each mineral within the hair. This gives a general picture of nutrient levels within the body. Do note that the test shows levels within the hair, not within the cells, which is where the nutrients are actually needed and used. The metabolic typing test works out levels within the cells. The hair test gives a general indication of how the nutrients are being used within the body and what the body is doing.

Toxic metals

The test reveals what toxic metals are being excreted from the body to the hair. Most people are afflicted by metals these days from sources such as water, air and food supplies. When they build up to certain levels they can create havoc with your metabolism.

High levels in the hair are a good sign because it means they are not being stored in the body. The more detox procedures you do and more closely you follow your nutrition and supplement routine, the more metals will be removed to the safety of your hair.

Mineral Ratios

The mineral ratios within the hair are believed to show the body’s reaction to stress and whether it is in an alarm phase, resistance phase or exhaustion state. The data also indicates the level of thyroid and adrenal activity with the body as well as immune function and carbohydrate metabolism. These can be charted over time to see your progress and reaction from the body.

Using Hair Analysis.

Hair analysis is used to monitor detoxification of minerals and the response of the body to stress and various functions during your metabolic typing programme.Please note you cannot determine what foods to eat / avoid from a hair analysis. Many companies provide associated nutrition plans from this, but this does not work because it is your cellular nutrients levels which determine what foods you need. The metabolic typing test determines levels of nutrients within the cells.

Discover your your hair mineral levels.

If you want to know what your hair has to say about the internal state of your body and combine this information to get some real results then please contact me for more details.


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