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How to change your mind set

When you are aware of the 10 principles of being in amazing shape and the major blocking beliefs that are preventing success you must then look to change your mind set so that these attitudes are naturally part of you and therefore you do the right behaviours without will power or consciously thinking about it. This is creating motivation, tue motivation.

To change your mind set there are various strategies you can use. These are outlined within my book. Behaviour change strategies include:

5 step belief change model -Through using the 5 steps of awareness, questioning, intention, organised planning and emotional management you are able to break down false beliefs and install the 10 principles of success.

Affirmations / power affirmations / Psych -K - These three methods are all designed to install new beliefs within your subconscious. When this is done you will naturally find yourself acting differently.

Creating anchors - This refers to developing a point on the body which when touched will create a certain emotion. This trigger can be used to remind you of your goals, to feel good or to create relaxation.

Emotional reduction strategies - If you reduce the level of negative emotions you are experiencing then you will be able to follow any nutrition or exercise plan more easily. There are numerous methods to break down emotion including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NLP, TFT, Psych-K, CBT and others.

Reflection and problem solving - Spending time thinking about your behaviour patterns, clarifying values, analyzing your relationships and their affect on food as well as creating solutions to problems preventing success are an important area for behaviour change.

Education - Learning about the plan of action that allows you to get results is a crucial element of your mind set. However well you follow a plan your long term success is only as good as the plan of action itself.

These strategies amongst others can be used to create a level of motivation you have never experienced before. This will allow you to go on and get results not just in the short term but the long term as well. Buy my book to read more about these techniques.

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