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The Fascial system

The fascial system is more widespread than the muscular system within the body yet very rarely people have heard of it. The fascia is a dense connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body. It is the framework which holds the body together allowing us to move and function as we do.

The fascia is important for us because of the way it holds and acts on the muscles and affects the body. Each muscle is surrounded by a fascia sheath. The sheath of each muscle then attaches onto the next sheath of the muscles around it. The result is you end up with one long interconnected structure running from the finger tips to the head or the head down to your toes. These are called fascial trains.

The fascia becomes important when treating pain or developing movement within the body. Pain, tightness or loss of integrity in the fascia can transmit pain or inhibit movement anywhere along the fascial chain. This means that treating the site of pain may not produce improvements because the cause lies elsewhere in the body. In the same way, stretching a certain area may not allow a movement to happen because the stiffness is further up or down the fascial chain.

Restoring integrity to the fascia involves different techniques than normal stretching or rehab protocols. Treatment involves using massage, trigger point therapy (TPT) as well soft tissue release (STR).

The fascial system is not really promoted much in exercise and until recently even rehabilitation circles. However, since using it personally I have had even better results treating pain than ever before.

To investigate the fascia you can take the Kinetic chain assessment and posture analysis that I offer. This looks at all aspects of your functioning and thus reveals where possible fascial restrictions may occur.

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