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Kinetic Chain Assessment and Posture Analysis (KCA)

The KCA analysis is designed to give you a complete print out about your body and how it is currently functioning. From this a posture correction programme can be designed which tells you what exercises to do, what to stretch and which areas need to be addressed using massage, foam roller and other similar techniques. The KCA analysis includes tests on:

Big toe function / alignment - The big toe is vital to the overall balance of the body, especially within movement. The tests looks at flexibility and alignment within the foot.

Ankle function - The ability to move the ankle is vital for balance and reducing force impact higher up the spine. This element also includes the foot arch and ankle joint bones alignment.

Looks at Sacral mobility - The ability of the sacrum to be able to move (nuntation) is vital for alignment of both the spine and also the functioning of the lower extremity joints. This is especially important for people with back pain.

Pelvis alignment - The tilt of the pelvis both front to back and side to side is gives important information on many muscle groups and elements of the body. This is especially important for people with back pain.

Spinal curve and scapula placement - The curve of the spine and placement of the scapula can be linked to pain anywhere along the spinal column and within the shoulder region.

Glute activation sequence / strength - The strength of your glute muscles (buttocks) are vital for lifting, walking and within standing posture. The test looks at their ability to activate amongst the surrounding muscles and also the strength of their contraction. Dormant glutes is a major reason why people have pain in their knees and back.

Core activation - The core musculature supports your whole spinal column. This test looks at how well the muscles are activating and also the strength of their contraction. Poor strength in these areas is closely linked to back pain.

Inner range strength - The strength of your muscles within a fully contracted state is closely linked to joint stability and therefore injury prevention and also strength enhancement. The inner range tests can be applied to almost any muscles group.

To take the KCA analysis please contact me to arrange a session.

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