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What do the top fitness celebrities eat?

You hear all sorts of advice from people who are in amazing shape, so that you begin to wonder what strategy really is the best. If you have been on my newsletter for any period of time you will surely understand that there is not any one plan that works for everyone. If you do not believe me then take a look at these celebrity fitness trainers and what they eat.

Most people choose which plan to follow based on the one that fits best with their beliefs or is promoted by the celebrity they personally like the most. As we hold as many false beliefs as we do correct ones, this means it becomes a matter of luck whether you find your right plan. The real key for success is not which plan do you want to follow, but which plan does your body need you to follow! The role of Metabolic Typing is to help you identify which plan your body needs.

Jillian Michaels

Star of the Biggest Loser in the USA Jillian is perhaps the biggest name in the industry. Here is how she described a typical day of eating in her life.

"To start the day off right I want to have long-lasting energy so I will usually have whole-grain Ezekiel English Muffins with almond butter, I will have two whole English Muffins, about 500 calories.

For lunch, I'll usually have some sort of fish and veggies, Salmon Carpaccio and a vegetable or salad. But if it comes with cheese, I won't eat the cheese."

For a quick afternoon pick-me-up I'll have hummus and carrot sticks or chips and salsa or an orange and raw almonds or Brazil nuts. A little bit of protein and a little bit of carbs.

For dinner I try to cut out carbs whenever possible. I eat organic whenever possible. I work with organic chefs who help me on my website and we create recipes and test them out. I eat fish a lot.

I try to get my dark chocolate in somewhere throughout the day. I have to have it. I work it into my calorie allowance and I will always have 200 calories of chocolate...always!"

Mark Sission

Mark Sission is a a very popular weight loss guru. In his fifties he has a great physique. Author of numerous books Mark has a large following. In a typical day he eats -

"A typical breakfast for me is a cup of coffee with cream and sugar and an omelette. Sometimes I’ll throw in a little cheese, but most days I go without it. The veggies change as well from day to day. If it isn’t an omelette it might be some leftovers from the night before, or one of my balanced meal replacement shakes. Also, I don’t eat breakfast every day of the week. If I’m hungry I eat. Otherwise I don’t. You’ll find this is a common theme for me throughout the day.

For lunch I will have a variation of my Big Ass Salad. This is where I load up on all kinds of colourful vegetables. The veggies comprise the bulk of the meal and vary from day to day. Mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and snow peas are some of my favourites. I also make sure to get some protein with this meal – some leftover chicken or steak from the night before, or canned salmon are regulars. This is usually my largest meal of the day and I always look forward to it. There are nearly endless permutations. Experiment until you find something you absolutely love. This will help ensure you keep coming back for more.

If I’m hungry mid to late afternoon and dinner looks to be a ways off I’ll often grab a handful of nuts. Macadamias, walnuts and pine nuts are great, but I usually reach for almonds.

For dinner it has to be a good cut of meat and a heaping side of veggies. Of course, this changes from day to day as well. Salmon, chicken (with the skin on!) and a nice rib eye are regulars, but I’ll often do lamb, pork or some other fish as well. If it isn’t Brussels sprouts it’s broccoli, squash, cabbage, the occasional sweet potato, or a stir fry with a good mix of veggies.

Occasionally I’ll have some fruit with a glass of wine to wind down the day. Or if I’m beginning an overnight stint of Intermittent Fasting I’ll skip it altogether."

Zuzana Light

Zuzana is an inspiration with her daily exercise videos free for anyone to follow and do in their own home (Body Rock TV). Her killer body has gained much recognition.

In an article on her website she describes a typical day - " I drink a cup of water with 1 scoop of my whey protein (only 50cal) as soon as I wake up. The protein is all natural and doesn’t have any taste.

For breakfast we have an egg omelette, plate of cooked veggies, green tea, coffee, and water. I drink a cup of green tea with every meal and at least one glass of water. Freddy also has a coffee with his breakfast (her partner). We eat veggies in every one of our meals. This is a mix of cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and onions.

For lunch we had a roasted chicken and fresh salad. I like chicken thighs and Freddy prefers chicken breasts which is great, because it makes sharing way easier. In the afternoon we have a super light meal – just a fresh veggie salad dusted with our flavour-less protein. This is very convenient, because sometimes I like to enjoy salads or even cooked veggies, without having to prepare foods that are rich in protein.

For dinner we had buffalo steak – something that I have never tried before. It seems to be leaner than regular beef steak – it’s not greasy and it’s very tasty. We had another portion of fresh salad. The salad was made out of baby spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, avocado, and pine nuts. As a dressing I used 1 tbls of extra virgin olive oil and 1tbls of balsamic vinegar.

As for the supplements, I take two tablets of omega-3 fish oil every day. I also take a supergreens supplement (how many depends on my vegetable intake) and a whey protein supplement 3 times a day."

Anthony Colpo

He may not be the biggest celebrity name to the average person on the street but he is well known in weight loss circles for his analysis of other celebrity trainers in the field who rely on research and science to promote their results. Anthony tries to get to the bottom of the real facts. In addition to this research he also is own system for getting results. A typical day is outlined below.

I don’t eat “anything” – most of the food I eat is Paleo-style fare like meats, eggs, and fresh vegetablesI don’t consume cereals, biscuits, cakes, pastries, candy bars, or soft drinks. I also ingest powdered aminos before and after a workout, and take in some liquid carbs after training as well. I don’t touch alcohol, not only do I consider it a source of empty calories, but I just don’t like what it does to people, turns normal folks into dribbling buffoons. I can’t even remember the last time I purchased anything from a food vending machine, it would literally have been decades ago. I do have high-carbohydrate ‘treats’, but only after an intense workout or ride.

I eat 3 solid meals per day. During my twenties I got sucked in by the whole ‘eat six meals a day’ thing, and I have to say it was just a big waste of time. I also have to question the long-term health effects of continually eating throughout the day and eating even when you’re not hungry, simply because your watch indicates its time for another scheduled feeding. Eating became a chore and I always felt full. Now, I eat to the point of satiation and don’t eat again until I’m hungry. That typically translates into three meals every day. I’ll eat a moderate-sized meal for breakfast and lunch, a larger dinner, kick back for a few hours, then hit the hay.

When I was brainwashed by the multiple meals dogma, I used to get anxious if I thought I would be missing a meal, and I’ve seen this in others as well. It’s like a neurosis, one based on totally unfounded fears. Since switching back to 3 meals a day, my energy levels have been just fine and I have not suffered from rampant muscle wasting!

As for supplementation, most of the supplements I use are for general health purposes. My daily supplement routine includes an antioxidant formula (I use an Aussie product known as Enajon), fish oil, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and CoQ10. During winter I also take a vitamin D supplement, I don’t bother with it during summer as I’m getting plenty of sun.

I’m not a big user of ergogenic supplements, I think most of them are largely a waste of money. Even the ones that work typically deliver less than startling results – you really have to decide whether the tiny effects are worth the not-so-tiny cost. I think a lot of folks place way too much emphasis on supplements, and not enough on optimizing their nutrition and workout regimens. I get guys coming to me all the time that are taking a list of supplements longer than the Melbourne-Adelaide highway, yet when I look at their training and diet, both are atrocious.

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