In stark contrast to the cold nights we are having here it is carnival weekend in Brazil which takes me back to when I lived in Recife, A City in the North East of Brazil…It was 33c every day and carnival was crazy!! …Happy Memories!!! But not to worry, I will be performing in two Samba shows this weekend as London tries to recreate some of that carnival feel in the cold. Follow my social media to see footage of them.

I have created another meal plan for you to eat all your Vitamin & Minerals in one day of eating. The plan I sent you last month was pretty low cal but hit your RDA needs in three meals. This plan today has more regular small meals and two options to follow whether you want to eat 2100 or 1400 cals. It is a balanced meal plan in that there is a fairly even protein to carb to fat split.

Setting balanced nutrient plans is a tricky issue between getting your nutrients vs eating roughly normal foods. Eating just the most mainstay foods within our diet usually misses out on certain nutrients. The flip side is that if you really go after the main nutrients you will have a crazy plan that not many people would want to eat.

Calorie and especially micro-nutrient counting are not an exact science with wide range of factors that affect the data. So use this for illustrative purposes and continue to eat a varied and balanced diet.  Targets are set for 75kg active male, information from for the 2100 calories. For lower calorie amounts use the 1400 calorie figures.

You will notice the nutrition plan has gone significantly over the recommended intake of vitamin A. This is in part from the sweet potato (>50% of day’s intake). There are two forms of Vitamin A and toxicity issues are largely related to the active form found in animal products over vegetables ones. However, it shows just some of the many aspects and complications to nutrition. The plan also goes over recommended amounts of Vitamin B12, this is mostly from the chicken liver. While it is over the recommended amount there is not much evidence of adverse toxicity from high B12 intake in normal populations nor is all of it absorbed when in such large amounts (12)


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