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3  highs that make you fat and unhealthy

Some health measures when high can act as warning signs for the overall functioning of the body. While things like body fat and blood pressure receive much of the attention. Check out these levels and look to reduce them if they are high within your lifestyle at the moment.

Emotions -

Even doctors admit that stress is one of the biggest causes of health problems today. The term stress encompasses many things many of which are nutritional or biochemical in basis rather than from the mind, e.g. parasites, low blood sugar, sensitive foods etc. However excess emotions will always provide an unwelcome stress to the system.
Excess emotional stress can come in both positive and negative forms. A positive form of stress could be too much excitement from meeting a new partner, getting a job or buying a new house. Even though it may be a good thing that is causing the stress it is important to temper this with planned periods of relaxation.

Most people do not have a problem with too much positive emotional stress but rather through too many negative emotions. Your negative emotions accumulate around your mind-body in what is called your emotional haze. This is the total sum of the emotions you are experiencing. It is made up from past, present and future emotions.
Past events refer to memories from the past that still create emotions today when thought about. This means you may think back to an event from five years ago but still feel angry about it today. Present tense emotions relates to both your current evaluation of what you have achieved in life versus your expectations in the different aspects of life, e.g. work, career, money, family, friends etc. It also includes day to day events that you need to do. Future emotions come from concerns about upcoming events both in the short term and also the bigger questions of life, death and spirituality.

There are various ways to handle high levels of emotions, these include avoidance (stopping the activities that create the emotions), better channeling of the emotions (exercising, meditating, taking time off) and reducing the emotions (Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Self help strategies)

The easiest and fastest way to reduce emotions is to learn and start using EFT. Read more here

Stiffness –

When your flexibility levels are poor it is hard for the body to feel loose, move optimally or obtain an ideal spinal alignment. The latter of which is a big influence on the functioning of the entire body and system.  Through stretching you can aid the detoxification channels and increase organ functioning and blood flow.

Ideal levels of flexibility vary between individuals. Some people just have higher levels of stiffness than others. It is not necessary to be an Olympic gymnast or a yoga teacher in terms of flexibility but it is important to create balance between the areas where you are stiff. This is because it is related to spinal alignment. An ideal spinal alignment will make you feel amazing.

There are two types of stretching, both of which have a role to play. To decrease the amount of stiffness within your body look to perform a daily active stretching and static stretching routine.

Toxins –

The modern world is a toxic nightmare! From every angle our bodies are bombarded by toxins in a way that has never happened in the history of society.  Your toxic load is the amount of toxins that are entering your environment. These come from our food sources (additives, pesticides, hormones etc), our water streams (metals, pesticides, chemicals), air pollution, Electro Magnetic Radiation (phones, computers, machines), environment (cleaning products, plastic containers, carpets etc) amongst many others.

Luckily our bodies are very effective at eliminating toxins when they enter our body. The more compromised our health the less effective we become at eliminating these toxins. This results in them being stored within our body. Over time this accumulates to cause further problems. 

You can reverse this process by removing as many toxins from your environment as possible while simultaneously improving your underlying biochemistry so that you are more efficient at detoxification. There are also various detoxification techniques you can employ to give your body a helping hand.

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