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Three Behaviours that can make you fat

There are some behaviours that if you keep doing them will cause problems for your waist line. While you can list an almost endless source of bad things that one could do, I outline three major factors for you to consider, two of which are considered healthy by most people:

Eating whole grains – The grains food group contains foods such as rice, barley, oats and of course wheat. Grains are the basis of the western diet and are one of the contributors to our ridiculous obesity rate. If you are looking to get in shape then one of the better places to start is right here by greatly reducing or eliminating grains.

Grains are often sensitive foods to our body and are also very energy dense. This means the amount you need to eat to give yourself adequate carb consumption is probably much less than you would actually eat. Although some people do fine on grains the most common grains within the diet are now negatively affecting the majority of the population.

Grains are also a higher carbs food. While this is great for people doing heavy amounts of exercise the reality is most people are a long way from any sort of consistent exercise routine, let alone a heavy exercise load. If you are eat too much food then a high density food such grains probably will not help you move forwards.

There is still a place for grains in the diet based on your individual circumstances. For some they should just switch from not relying solely on the main few grains of wheat and oats that the supermarkets promote. Look to add in other options such as quinoa, amaranth, rice, triticale amongst others. You may have to go to a health food shop for these over a standard supermarket. Other carbohydrate replacements for grains include vegetables, legumes or fruit. It may also help you to gauge a rough amount of quantity you are consuming as due to the high carb denisty of grains most people simply eat too much as they are not aware of what is in it.

Eating sensitive foods – If you want to get in shape then you need to reduce or eliminate any sensitive foods within your diet. Sensitive foods are any food that causes an irritation within your body.

The difficulty with this issue is that it is very hard to spot the foods while they are in your diet. Unlike a Type 1 allergy where your throat swells up immediately after eating the negative effect of sensitive foods are much more subtle and they may display themselves as being overweight or having low energy. These traits may be explained away by many other reasons.

ANY food can be sensitive towards your body, this includes all “healthy” food and even vegetables! Though some foods are more likely to be sensitive than others as mentioned above such as grains. The easiest way to identify food sensitivities is through elimination and food rotation experiments. If you never change your eating you will almost certainly not spot any developed food annoyances.

Doing too much aerobic fitness (cardio) – For the majority of people they are hardly in danger of over exercising. In fact almost no one in the general population should be worried about this. However, there should be some concern for under eating (which creates under recovery - over training). If there is one thing a underfed and stressed body does not want it is a long cardio session.

Fat loss is a delicate balance between moving the body enough vs controlling food intake per day over an extended period of time. There are also other factors such as promoting and maintaining a higher metabolic rate. When done correctly you will subtly lose weight while feeling good and not dramatically reduce your metabolic rate.

When done wrong, you will have no energy, strong food cravings and depress your metabolic rate all while not getting the level of fat loss you would have expected for such efforts. It is in this latter case that aerobic exercise can be problematic.

If you are under eating by a too great a margin then you will often find aerobic exercise pushes you over that edge and creates strong food cravings while depressing your metabolic rate. This is an issue of how many calories you burn per day (with exercise) vs how many calories you burn naturally per day (without exercise). A stressed body will use less calories a day as you go forwards. Getting in shape is the delicate balance of the two.

Do not lose your bearings too much here, most people need to move more and eat less. If however you are doing that already then this may become a factor.

To get your own personalised diet, exercise and motivation plan then work with me on line or face to face.


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