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Your body shape and how it affects weight loss

The areas where you store your body fat reveals the hormonal balance within your body. This fact can be used to predict which foods will more likely cause weight gain and diminish your health.

Fat storage patterns

Different people store their body fat in different areas. It may be that you store your fat on your stomach only, or maybe just below your waist or perhaps all over your body including your hands and face. Take a look at your body, then have a look at the next few people you see and notice the different ways they store their fat.

In general there are four major fat storage patterns in women and three in men. This is caused by the dominance of the endocrine glands within the body; Thyroid, adrenal, pituitary or ovaries (women only). Each person has one gland that is more dominant than the others. This gland influences the main areas where you store fat

The broad patterns of fat storage are unique, see if you can spot someone who holds their fat mostly on the stomach and hips only, others who store it all over their body, some just below the waist only and finally people who store it on their back, chest stomach and hips. These patterns relate to the dominance of the thyroid, pituitary, ovaries and adrenals respectively.

Research has also found that certain foods stimulate these glands, for example caffeine, fruit, chocolate amongst others stimulates the thyroid gland. Over time you learn that the foods that stimulate your dominant gland will produce a temporary uplift in energy. The result is you learn to crave these foods when you are low on energy, to give you a pick up.

Over time, relying on your dominating gland can wear it out, resulting in a drop in metabolic rate and subsequent fat accumulation. The idea is to minimize these foods and replace them with a non dominant gland stimulating substitute. This will allow the gland a rest and allow it to recharge over time and thus let the body lose fat.

The cause of your cravings

The need for you to rely on the foods that stimulate your dominant gland arises because you are giving inadequate nutrients in the right amount for your body. The result is inefficient energy production and the desire to fall back on your favourite foods that will give you an uplift

This explains why when many people cut out cakes, sugars, starches and caffeine (Thyroid type foods, a common dominance in white western people) they never stick to it. As many people replace these foods with other food sources that are not appropriate for their metabolic type.

The result is the body sends out signals for more energy, this gives the food craving for……….you guessed it!..... the cakes, sugars, starches or caffeine they cut out. This opens up a game of will power which will inevitably be won by the food.

Know your type before cutting out these foods.

The simple solution to avoid the above cycle is to discover your metabolic type first, then fine tune the meal ratios before minimizing these glandular foods. The process of eating in accordance with your metabolic type will serve to completely reduce the food craving.

Persistent food cravings with an emotional basis can of course be treated with emotional freedom technique (EFT). In combination, this will relieve the biochemical and behavioural need for certain foods and thus produce the desired weight loss.

This is why my courses have had such great success.

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