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The clever and stupid ways to build muscle and gain weight.

To put on some added muscle or weight you need to consider the methods that you are using. Some of these are prudent while other ineffective. Ways to increase weight include:

Eating as much as possible.

Many people just try to eat large meals to put on weight. Though this may work in theory it does not. The body needs certain nutrients in the correct amounts. Once you know this then you can try to get as much of them in the right amounts as possible. If you don't know this then random eating can do every bit as much damage as good. It is also unlikely you will make many gains without performing exercise.

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Living off protein shakes, powders and bars

Many guys down the gym live off their protein powders and supplements. This is another nice theory but misses the point that we are all different and requires different types and amounts of certain proteins and nutrients. Eating natural protein is also more effective than using shakes and powders.

This is due to the fact that for muscle growth to occur it needs the back drop of optimal vitamin and mineral intake. These are needed in different forms and different amounts for each person and thus the added nutrients to the proteins supplements are random and ineffective. The average person relies too much on these supplements at the expense of correct body chemistry specific nutrition.

Not using the benefits of exercise correctly

To gain weight you really need to develop more muscle. The only way to do this is to challenge and stimulate the body into effective and efficient muscle growth. This is done through weight training.

The biggest mistake people make with weights is following a split routine. Split routines are when you train some muscle groups one day and other muscle groups the another day. This technique is excellent for experienced body builders and people with an good experience of training.

However the vast majority of people would not do well following this routine as their body does not have the same levels of hormone as their experienced counterparts. The result is you struggle to build muscle as your internal chemical environment s not adept at this job.

A total body routine with the majority of the focus on all body movements while targeting the legs will produce greatest gains in weight as it affects your hormone levels the most.

The smart way to build muscle

To increase your weight you need to use an holistic approach focused on increasing the health of your body. To do this you need to consume the right foods for your body chemistry, this is determined by your metabolic type.

You must perform effective exercise which targets all areas of the body with an emphasis on the training the legs within a whole body movement. This will increase your testosterone levels (or sensitivity towards it in women) naturally which positively influences muscle growth. The exercises must be done with the right intensity ideally using short rest periods. For long term gains you must use the principles of periodization to get the best response from the body.

A final point is that the weight training does not need to be performed in a gym and can be done with very little equipment. The key is following the principles of fatigue and overload and you will achieve similar results.

My sports performance course and lifestyle course teach these principles to ensure you can gain weight as you desire.


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