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Ideal fuel mix

Metabolic typing looks at how your body is functioning to determine what foods are healthy for you and what are not. This can vary greatly from person to person and this is the basis of why metabolic typing is so powerful and effective.

Metabolic typing is based on more than just what food to eat but also how much of it your body needs. This element is equally important for a metabolic typing programme to work.

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Ideal fuel mix.

Your ideal fuel mix is the amount of protein to carbohydrates to fat your body needs at each meal to utilize the food efficiently. This magic ratio is unique to you and varies greatly between different individuals (both people of different metabolic types and within the same metabolic type).

It is vital you discover what this ratio is for your body. To do this you can play an experimental game of food portions until you find the right amount that satisfies you.

Tune into your body language

It is easy to discover the ideal fuel mix for your body by simply seeing how you feel 1-2 hours after eating. If you have eaten the ratios of each meal correctly you will have feel the positive reactions in the left hand column below. If you got it slightly wrong you will experience some of the negative reactions in the right hand column.

It is sometimes hard to pick up these signals but if you simply use this form a fair few times after eating (1-2 hours afterwards) then you will begin to feel how your body is working. If you experience negative reactions return to the meal and repeat but try changing the amount of protein, carbs and fat until positive reactions are found.

The way to do this is by increasing / decreasing the amount of meat, or vegetables or oil. Continue until you get the positive reactions only. This method exposes quickly the flaws in most nutrition plans as very often people feel hungry within one hour of easing. A clear sign that the body did not get the fuel it wanted.

Using the above guide lines you will be able to answer a portion of the metabolic typing equation. One of the other key elements is which types of protein, carbohydrates and fat should you be eating compared to other people. This is central to metabolic typing as there is no one size fits all nutrition strategy that will work for everyone.

Discover your metabolic type and identify your ideal fuel mix

If you are suffering with persistent negative post meal reactions as indicated above you should seriously consider the lifestyle course I offer. This will allow me to support you while educating you about metabolic typing and how to take control of your hunger, food, exercise and more. Please click here for more information.


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