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Metabolic typing analysis

To discover your nutritional needs you need to take a metabolic typing test. It is your current metabolic type which determines what foods you do need and which foods you do not need within your diet.

Contrary to popular beliefs and what we are taught there is no such thing as a healthy food. Instead, some foods are healthy for certain people while not for others. There is not one single food that is healthy for everyone.

This is a very different philosophy to most approaches in regards to health but it explains why there can be such contradiction within the nutrition advice given. It is not that the advice is good or bad per se but that it suits some people yet not others. Once you understand that no one food is healthy for everyone then the question becomes what foods are healthy for me?

Your Metabolic Type details the current strengths and weaknesses within your body’s fundamental control systems. Based upon these results the foods that should be consumed and those which should be avoided can be discovered. This is based upon which foods will bring balance and which will further disrupt your main control systems.

The metabolic typing test looks at and identifies your current position along the Autonomic Nervous System, Oxidation System and Endocrine System. Depending on which of these systems is most out of balance and/or in need of support the correct foods you should be eating can be identified. The goal of these foods is to restore balance within the main control system. This will be different depending upon your results and can be completely the opposite from one person to the next depending on your metabolic type.

The metabolic typing test questionnaire

To determine your nutritional needs you need to take metabolic typing questionnaire. It is divided into three sections. These look at your physical traits, your dietary related traits and your psychological traits. These different traits have been correlated with the fundamental control systems within the body by various researchers over the last 40 years.

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The analysis is unique because it is looking at the behavior of the body across all systems to give a pattern of how your body is functioning. This is necessary to understand the nutritional needs at cellular level. This is because you cannot test what is happening within a cell but instead must use behaviours shown across different levels within the body.

This is different to say taking a blood test or hair test and hypothesizing what foods you need to eat because you are low in nutrients within that level. This is because it falsely assumes that levels of a nutrient in the blood / hair etc predicts levels within the cells. For example, calcium may be high in the blood but low in the bones (cells) where it is needed, therefore the lab test may be misleading for making nutritional recommendations. The research that has formed the basis of metabolic typing over the last 40 years suggests that analysis across different levels of the body is the only way to achieve effective results.

This may be likened to obtaining information and understanding about a three storey house. Metabolic typing would be like looking at the house using a blueprint of the entire house and all of its rooms. Using a lab test, because it involves one specific part or level of the body, would be like trying to understand the entire house through a blueprint of the kitchen (or any other single room in the house).

Sample questions from the metabolic typing test

Find below some of the questions taken from the actual metabolic typing test. To complete the whole questionnaire and receive a metabolic typing report simply sign up for my course.

1) My build at ideal weight
a. Tend towards lean, wiry, thin, rangy or gangly build.
b. Average build
c. Tend towards a stockier, wider or thicker type build.

4) From behind view, most of my excess fat is
a. Around my waist (in love handles)
b. Especially across the upper back (but also may have thickening all over body)
c. Below waist and/or in the rear
d. Fat accumulates all over (not in any specific area)

24) Head size
a. Head appears slightly large in proportion to the body.
b. Average sized skull in proportion to body.
c. Head appears slightly small in proportion to the body.

25) Gum bleeding (from brushing teeth)
a. Often occurs
b. Sometime occurs
c. Rarely occurs, if ever

44) Belching / burping after meals
a. Rarely or never need to burp
b. Occasionally have burping
c. Often have burping

45) Digestion efficiency
a. Find meat hard to digest
b. Find fats /oils hard to digest
c. Have average digestion
d. Have to be careful of what I eat
e. Have really good digestion, easily digest most things.

64) Asthma
a. Never have
b. Occasionally have, or have a mild problem
c. Often have

80) Appetite at breakfast
a. Strong
b. average
c. Weak

81) Appetite at Lunch
a. Strong
b. Average
c. Weak

82) Appetite at dinner
a. Strong
b. average
c. Weak

85) Eating habits
a. Need to eat often to be at my best
b. Average eating requirements
c. Unconcerned with food, may forget to eat.

93) Red meat (steak, roast beef)
a. Decreases energy and well being
b. Increases energy and well being
c. No noticeable difference in energy.

103) Disagreement
a. Rather give in than argue a point.
b. Sometimes feel like standing my ground.
c. Rather argue than give in, can enjoy a debate

104) Exercise
a. Makes me feel good
b. Sometimes like exercise
c. Dislike it, prefer to be sedentary.

106) Punctual
a. Almost always punctual.
b. Sometimes punctual.
c. Find it hard to be punctual, try as I might.

108) Ambition
a. Not ambitious, quite unmotivated.
b. Have average ambition.
c. Quite ambitious, extremely motivated.


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