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Ask yourself this about your next weight loss plan.

It seems that there are more weight loss plans and techniques out there than there people looking to lose weight. Sadly most people never achieve their goals nor create any significant change in behaviour or long term results. It is no surprise really with the foundational flaws underneath the plans.

Ask yourself these questions before starting any new course to see if the odds are for or against you succeeding!

Does the method advise the same food plan for every one?
There is no one diet that works for every one person. This is because we are all unique. Take a look around, how many people look identical to you? No one? Inside is exactly the same, we have the same features but they vary greatly in size, efficiency and concentration. This explains why your friend may lose weight eating one way but you do not. It is because different people need different diets.
If any plan you follow advises the same plan for everyone then it means your chances of success have at least dropped by half if not more.

Does your method address the mind?
If you want to really achieve your goal you have to ensure the mind is tuned and in harmony with your thoughts and actions. I have found that in most people looking to lose weight they need to address certain mental aspects firsts. Some people are ok with out this but i would say the vast majority must work on mind as well as nutrition and exercise. If motivation is your problem then the solution is NOT a new diet plan, exercise routine etc. It is working on your mind. An easy way to make a first step on this is to join my daily newsletter.

• Is exercise included on the plan or is the basis of the plan?

Losing weight without exercise is a slower process than with it. Conversely, losing weight on exercise alone is near impossible in most cases. Any plan should teach you exercise, including all four areas and ideally the use of periodization too. At the same time it should be a taught alongside nutrition and behaviour change techniques for long term changes.

• Does the plan focus on how YOUR body reacts?

Any plan that does not allow for how your body reacts and feels is absurd! Any two individuals can react very differently to the same stimulus. You need to be able to tune into what behaviours help your body and which do not. If you are following a plan, head in the sand, ignoring how you feel, e.g. hungry, tired, bloated, low energy etc. Then no wonder you give up after a few weeks.
We would all love someone to say just do X,Y and Z. but sadly, long term results requires you to say how you feel to X, Y or Z and then adjusting it so that you are experiencing good feelings. A little more effort? YES! A little more successful? YES!

• Are you changing for the short term or the long term?

Only long term behaviours produce long term results. Therefore, giving up a food for 4 weeks to get some results is not going to produce results 3 months down the line if on week 5 you reverted to your old behaviours. If the plan you are following is not sustainable then neither will be your results. You will need to have a plan that you could follow for many YEARS to come. This is why the mind set is so important for results..

These great questions really to probe and cause a put the major weight loss methods under a great deal of scrutiny.

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