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Types of Resistance Training Programme - Part 2

In part one you read about some of the main resistance training techniques. Other types of training used include:

Strength training

A type of resistance exercise designed to get the body to lift as heavy a weight as possible. The training gains are made from mostly the alterations in the nervous system as it learns to increase its ability to activate the prime mover muscles while relaxing the antagonists.

Strength training also has significant effects on hormone levels within the body and thus should be used by people looking to increase muscle size. For safety do not do this training if you have been lifting weights for less than a year and ensure that you do not start on this method without first completing a functional training and specific hypertrophy phase.

The training will involve all body movements and be performed for 5 reps or less per set.

Power training

This method increases the speed you apply your strength - your explosive power. The training uses lighter resistance's with the focus on explosiveness rather than the pure weight used. The gains are made mostly through the adaptations of the nervous system

The training uses all body movements like strength training but it uses a slightly lighter weight than maximal to allow for quick powerful movements to be used. THis helps your speed on the rugby field.

Power Endurance training

This method develops the ability to be powerful after a number of repetitions. It is ideal for sports training. The idea is that doing a few powerful reps is not going to help you if you fatigue quickly yet still need to perform explosively, e.g. a hundred meter sprint requires rapid explosive movements for about 30 repetitions per leg. So power endurance training can focus on preparing the muscles for this.

Endurance training

This training is designed to increase the overall endurance for the muscles. Using light weights and high reps you should aim to stay explosive as you aid your body’s endurance ability. This method is used for people who do endurance type events.

Other training methods.

Other popular training methods include kettle bells, medicine balls, weighted vests, body weight exercises, complex training and more.

These are all just variations of one of the above methods depending on the weight used and rest periods etc.

The general gym goer should use a selection of these within different training phases to optimize fitness and to keep the mind and body fresh. Depending on your goals certain phases can be emphasized more but you should never do the same training type over and over again. This is all governed by Periodization

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