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Your Changing Nutritional Needs

We each have unique and individual nutritional needs. This is seen by the way no two people get the same results when eating similar diets. It is also shown by the fact some people are hungry all the time while other people have no real interest in eating.

The science of metabolic typing is the most effective nutrition system in the world to determine the exact nutritional needs of any one individual. The unique element of metabolic typing is that the system allows for people to change in their nutritional needs during their lifetime.

Personally I have just had this happen to me. I had always been a fast oxidizer metabolic type; this meant I processed carbohydrates too quickly. It is characterized by the traits of strong hunger, the need to pick at food often and the positive effect red meat has upon energy levels. On re-testing I have now found myself to be a mixed oxidizer. This means that my body is no longer processing carbohydrates too quickly for its own good.

What this means in real terms is that now I need to eat a totally different set of foods. If I were to continue eating the old way I would experience negative health symptoms. It was the experience of these that alerted me to the fact I might have changed nutritionally.

Following is a checklist to ask yourself if your nutritional needs have changed from some point in the past to where you are today.

Unexplained Weight gain – Have you just started to put a few pounds on over the weeks, even though you have not changed your eating? This could be a sign that a change in nutritional needs has resulted in your normal food not being so healthy for your body.

Unsatisfied after eating – If you find that you are never satisfied after eating with meals that used to work for you, then there is a good chance you have changed.

Changes in hunger – If you have suddenly lost your appetite or are now eating every second minute and these changes remain over a couple of weeks it would suggest something has altered in your body.

Appearance of health symptoms – If a health problem appears for no reason then maybe you have new nutritional needs. It could be that the symptom’s appearance is an accumulation of poor nutrition over a period of time. Either way the key thing to do is to get tested and discover exactly what you need to eat now.

Intuitively you feel something has changed – sometimes you just know that your body has changed even though you cannot pin point why. These intuitions are most often correct as you know your body better than anyone else.

If you suspect that your needs have changed the only way to act is by taking the metabolic typing test to determine what foods you should and should not be consuming within your diet.


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