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Simple Fitness Test

Relax, I am not asking you to mimic an army recruit and run the bleep test. Rather, simply take the challenges below and see how you score. The four tests come from each of the four areas of exercise, that is aerobic, core, resistance and flexibility training, Rate yourself and then gauge your strengths and weaknesses in the main four exercise areas. This mini test (4 measures instead of full 26 traits) will give you a little insight into what is going on. Complete the table below:

Mini fitness Profile test

Fitness test / exercise are


Level key

Aerobic fitness – 10 minute test


Level 1 = Weak area
Level 2 = Average
Level 3 = Good
Level 4 = Excellent!

Core fitness – Plank


Flexibility – Overhead squat


Resistance training – Press up test


Aerobic Fitness – 10 minute test

Simply chart how much ground you can cover in ten minutes. Either walk or jog the ten minute time period (depending on your fitness) and note how far you have gone.

Distance covered


Less than 1 km


1 – 1.75 km


1.75 - 2.5km


2. 5 km +


Core fitness - Plank

  • Hold the position as set out below from your toes.
  • Record the time held in the plank position. If at any time you feel the exercise in your lower back then stop the test immediately. Please note your posture and / or lower back will go before you physically have to stop the hold. Do not push through this point.

Ben Wilson Plank Exercise - Clapham Personal Trainer

Time Held


Less than 30 seconds


31 – 60 seconds


61 – 120 second


120 seconds +


Flexibility - Overhead Squat

  • Using a pole or towel squat down to a 90 degree angle at the knee. Rate your level depending how low you can or cannot get. Stop at any point you experience pain

Level 1

Legs greater than 90' knee bend, arms forward of body and / or pain experienced.

Level 2

Legs achieve 90' knee bend but no neutral spine (back is rounded) or arms are not overhead

Level 3

90' knee bend, neutral spine and arms overhead wearing shoes

Level 4

90' knee bend and arms overhead without wearing shoes

 Level 2                                    Level 3

Resistance training – Press ups

  • Perform as many press ups as you can in one go.
  • Ensure your go all the way down to the floor. Select the appropriate level of difficulty for you.

Press ups (men)

Press ups (men)


0 Full press ups

1 – 10 half press ups


1 – 10 full press ups

10 – 25 half press ups


11 – 30 full press ups

1 – 10 full press ups


31 + full press ups

11 + full press ups




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