I think everyone agrees that health is important however one of the problems we have is that it is very hard to judge health. We kind of live in the world of “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am doing fine…..uh oh…. Doctor says I have a problem”. This is not the best method because it appear bad health jumps out of the blue and catches us unaware.
The reality of life is that most health issue progressively edge into existence. The problem is we do not have a very effective method to chart these signals so there is a grey area between when things are slightly off but before a Doctor can diagnose anything officially wrong with you.
One way around this is to use a health measurement rating test. This basically means rating on a 0-10 scale a whole host of possible health measures. From this you get a score. Then you check back in a few months later and retest. It is a pretty accurate way of giving a broad cross section evaluation of how you are doing.


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