One of the most effective ways to get your food on track is to start planning your meals. This should also account for buying your food, preparing your food and of course eating your food! The very worst thing you can do food wise is to decide on the spot (when hungry in the supermarket) what you are going to eat as it will often end in poor food choices.  I try to encourage my clients to think 3 meals ahead……which generally means you are thinking about the rest of the day and also into tomorrow…..

When you start thinking ahead you will begin to solve other issues, if your plan for evening dinner reveals you haven’t any of the required foods then you will now have an objective when you hit the supermarket. If the thought of your next meals is already putting you off then you know you must edit it and add in some taste in one way or another.

The key to the 3 meal rule is like most health and fitness advice…Actually doing it! But second to that is having this as a rolling rule….so at breakfast you are thinking lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day. At lunch you are thinking dinner, breakfast and also tomorrow’s lunch. Do not make a big deal about this, it takes a few seconds to think about what to eat next…… You do not have to stick to your 3 meal plan but simply by having it you will greatly improve your nutrition consistency


What will I have in my next meal?

Do I have the food for this meal (how will I get it if not)?

How/when will I prepare it?

**********Repeat x 2 for meals after that*********

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