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Free exercise groups London

If you live in London then you may be interested in joining one of my exercise groups. I run two groups, they are open to all, cost nothing and can really help your on your fitness path.

Athletics training - Battersea Park Millennium arena.

I run a group every Friday night at 7pm and sunday morning at 10am. We cover distances between 100m - 600m. The races are run individually so it does not matter whether you are really fast or really slow as we get a large variety in standard.

The group is free as it is more about training alongside me than it is being taught athletics. It costs £3.10 to get onto the track. Please join the email list by emailing me your details if you are thinking about coming down as times do vary. Read more at the athletics training web page>

Clapham common Social Touch Rugby group.

Every sunday morning at 11.30am and Wednesday nights at 6.45pm (summer only for Wednesdays) you can join in some informal touch rugby. This group has some experienced players and some Rookies. It doesn't matter if you are good or bad as it is just a laugh. Anyone caught being too serious or competitive is normally penalized and told to get a grip.

If you are thinking about coming down then please send me your email so you can join the touch rugby list incase of alterations in times etc and to find out if you won Man of the match! Read more at the touch rugby page >>

Contact me to join the email newsletter of these groups.

To join one or both email newsletter groups please send me your email address. contact me (Ben) on

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