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I am rarely hungry

Whereas many of the population are ravenous all day long and searching for food; there are an equal number of people who look at them in bemusement asking why are they always eating?

Everyone has a unique internal body chemistry that determines their nutritional requirements. This is the reason that for every person who is hungry most of the time there is someone who is not really interested in food.

A lack of hunger can be equally as troublesome as having too much desire for food. The body functions on the right nutrients in the right amounts. When you are not so concerned with eating you will find that it is easy to forget to try and get as many of the right nutrients into your body as possible.

I often see people who are overweight complain that they do not eat many calories a day and why haven't they lost weight? The problem is that the body adjusts it's calorie needs to whatever you eat by stopping non essential functions which accumulate over time to create many problems in the body. They cannot lose weight because nutritionally they are malnourished.

A big issue for you to consider is ensuring every time you do eat you have the exact foods your body needs. Please note that these foods are very different from someone who is hungry all day as their nutrition routine is designed to halt this.

It is essential to get the right amount of protein to carbohydrates to fat in at each meal. The amounts to consume are unique to each person. The only way to truly find out what works is to try and tune into your body language signals post meal. This is especially hard for people without hunger as this relies on tuning into energy levels and mental aspects post eating over hunger feelings.

In general you will do better with a lower fat, lighter protein meal with an adequate carbohydrate portion. The goal of the eating is to increase your natural hunger levels so you wan to eat regularly each day. Use the form below to guide you to finding your ideal ratios by noting your reactions at a point 1-2 hours post eating.

Using the above guide you will become used to noting these feelings. This is one of the most powerful things you can do. I teach this with all my clients. When negative feeling are felt after a meal e.g. a drop in energy or lack of a ability to concentrate etc It is a clear sign from the body. Maybe it is saying I need more fat, more carbohydrates, more protein………or a different type of protein etc.

Your hunger can also be used to help you gauge progress. If you eat correctly you should naturally become hungry at meal times, maybe not starving but naturally fancy some food. Ignoring your negative reactions post meal is the worst thing you can do nutritionally as it signals that the body is unable to effectively extract the energy from foods within the cells even if the food you are eating is ideal for your body.

Getting the nutrients and health you need

If you are suffering with persistent negative post meal reactions as indicated above or feel you may be suffering poor health from obtaining too little of the right nutrients. You should seriously consider discovering your Metabolic Type. I take all my clients through this within my Personal Training London and my On Line Body Transformation course. Alternatively you can do the the Metabolic Typing Test on its own.

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