Previously we have looked at ways to consume all your vitamin and minerals needs in one day through balanced diet plans such as this one or another variety here>>. The following plan is an example of how to do it following a vegan meal plan. The overall calorie intake is fairly low so you could add in more foods to bulk it up. Macro-nutrient wise it is a little low in protein for more athletic groups which easily could be improved using protein powder shakes such as pea, rice or hemp protein.

Calorie and especially micro-nutrient counting are not an exact science with wide range of factors that affect the data. So use this for illustrative purposes and continue to eat a varied and balanced diet.  Targets are set for 75kg active male, information from

You will notice the nutrition plan has gone significantly over the recommended intake of vitamin A. This is almost all from the sweet potato (75% of day’s intake). There are two forms of Vitamin A and toxicity issues are largely related to the active form found in animal products over vegetables ones. However, it shows just some of the many aspects and complications to nutrition.

Supplements – Vitamin D Could be fulfilled by going into the sun for 10-60 minutes depending on your skin tone. In the USA/UK the sun is too low in the sky for this effect during the winter months. Outside of sun exposure Vitamin D3 supplements as well as a B12 one will attain your micro-nutrients goal. Many products are fortified with vitamins which offer another way to hit your targets, e.g. some breakfast cereals.


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