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This is the food you eat. Everyone is following a diet of some sort, for most it is without thought and consists of what they grab while going about their day to day business. The better, more accurate and more personalised your diet the better the chances of being in good shape. For this Metabolic Typing can help greatly.


This refers to how much activity you get done in terms of fitness. This may be going to the gym, playing sports or simply walking. As you get fitter you will need to use a more challenging routine. This area also includes the six types of exercise which is as much about injury prevention and posture correction as it is about more traditional exercise types.


Your levels of motivation will determine whether you are able to get your nutrition and exercise plans done. The better your diet and exercise planning the more it allows for both high and low motivation. When most think of motivation they think of willpower. This is rarely the key for long term success. Your natural behaviour and thinking patterns are what will determine your true motivation levels. I discuss these patterns extensively in my book - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape.


The happier you are the more likely you are to follow a nutrition and exercise routine due higher levels of motivation. Happiness can be taught and developed without changing any external circumstances. For most people, they are operating on subconscious and ineffective patterns for feeling happy.


The amount of perceived stress in your life will undermine and destroy even the best laid plans of diet and exercise as well as sucking your motivation and curtailing your happiness. Stress like happiness for most people is purely internal and we have never learnt to develop effective methods for handling it. One way is to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

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